iOS 17: The Biggest New Features and Improvements

With Apple iOS 17 comes with major features like standby mode, verification comes – cleanup automatically, Autocorrect, apple really cares about your eyes as well with screen distance feature, typing improvements, set multiple timers, animation, live stickers, leave a facetime reply, NameDrop, iOS 17 with new journal app, Hey siri – is just siri, contact poster, Offline Maps, Swipe to reply and many other new features with iPhone iOS 17 update. So, let’s see in detail below.

Important and Useful Features of iOS 17 New Features 

There are many features introduced with iOS 17 and there are some cool and nice features that you can use and cool features with iOS 17 update.

Useful Features of iOS 17 New Features

Major iOS 17 New Features and Upgrades

Below are the new features of iOS 17

Screen Distance

With New iOS 17 features apple really cares about users and this time iPhone iOS or iPad iOS with iOS 17 gets a new feature called Screen Distance and it will notify you on screen if you are holding your iPhone or iPad too close to your eyes and reduces eye strain and it will alert user if you hold your iPhone or iPad too close to your eyes for long time.

Standby Mode

Iphone iOS 17 standby mode is most useful feature and this can turn your iPhone to clock with Standby Mode with news iOS 17 and it can display clock widget, calendar, weather and time even photos and music and all widgets in standby mode and standby mode screen looks very interesting with UI and helps you check out time and date on iPhone rather than tapping on your iPhone whenever you want to check time on iPhone, this standby mode feature comes handy with new iOS 17.

ios 17 standby mode feature

Live VoiceMail

iOS 17 live voicemail is a pretty useful feature and this helps you figure out whether the voicemail is spam or it’s a real message from your loved ones, like mom, wife, friends and family and pickup.

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Live voicemail helps you to see the voicemail transcript on your iPhone screen and lift the voicemail if it’s important for you or leave it and listen to live voicemail later and this comes pretty handy to listen to voicemail which are important to you at the right moment or listen to later.

New AirDrop or NameDrop

iOS 17 comes with a new upgrade with AirDrop and its completely easy and new ways to use AirDrop with new iOS 17 you can easily share photos from one iphone to another easily and share files and pictures with new AirDrop has become very handy.

AirDrop on iOS 17

With New AirDroop and NameDrop features you can easily share contact information by simply bringing phones close to each other and share contact information, music, files, movies, or play a game with close proximity as well.  

Upgrade to Message App with iOS 17

iOS 17 comes with the new live stickers experience with new emoji stickers which will give you the ability to create live stickers by lifting subjects from photos and adding them to stickers and also add effects and put them at one place in stickers and bring stickers to life.

iPhone iOS 17 Messages App

With the new iOS 17 message app – it also allows users to communicate in a new way and enhances with new features with an expandable menu which can be accessed with simple tap with iMessages new look and with iMessages search becomes more powerful with additional filters.

A Catch Up Arrow which tells users where you have left conversation previously and if users share location it gets updated with new location and sends an audio bubble message and it’s transcribed automatically and iOS 17 also introduces checkin and let their family know the status when they are in travel and moving towards destination.

iOS 17 Journal App

iOS 17 comes with a new Journal App which uses on-device machine learning with personalized suggestions with recent or memory, with photos, videos, workout and more and remember the days that you don’t want to forget with the new journal app on iOS 17 while keeping users’ privacy safety in priority.

Additional Updates and New features with iOS 17

Below are the additional features or upgrades with the new iOS 17 update on iPhone or iPad iOS 17.

Safari Gets Additional Protection

With new iOS 17 safari gets new additional protection with private browsing from trackers when browsing on safari, fingerprint protection, and private browsing gets locked when not in use or keeps tabs open.

Passwords and Keychains Sharing

With the new iPhone iOS 17 passwords and passkeys sharing become more secure when you share with trusted contacts and they will be able to edit and update passwords which is end to end encryption.

Privacy update with iOS 17

With iOS 17 privacy update which gets a new communication safety beyond messages to help kids safe when sending or receiving content using airdrop, facetime. With New sensitive content warning feature helps to view or avoid adult content and warning occurs on device.

iOS 17 Accessibility Feature

iOS 17 gets new accessibility features updated with Assistive Access feature which can be customisable which can be used by disabled people easily like live speech which helps non speaking people to type and have their words spoken with live speech on iOS 17 on phone or facetime, personal voice and create sounds. 

iOS 17 Health App

iOS 17 health app gets a new mental health feature and users can log their daily mood and add emotions and easily access depression and anxiety assessments used in clinics and resources available depending on location and also gets an upgrade with distance of device viewed and help children lower their risk with screen distance in screen time and get alert if devices is holding it closer than 12 inches from their face for long period of time.

Offline Maps

IOS Maps gets offline maps with new iOS 17 and users can download maps and access turn by turn navigation and find places.

AirTag with iOS 17

With iOS 17 AirTag gets to share with up to 5 people which allows friends and family to keep them track of item in find my and everyone in group will be able to see item location, play sound and other things.

Apple Music iOS 17

Apple Music gets a collaborative playlist which makes listening to music easier and share play in the car allows users to contribute and share as well even if they don’t have an Apple subscription.

AirPlay with iOS 17

AirPlay sharing becomes more easier and supports in hotels with supportive television starts from IHG hotels and resorts.


AirPods gets powerful new features with Adaptive audio, conversational awareness and improvements to automatic switching and call control with personalized volume.

Home App

Home app with iOS 17 gets to view up to 30 days of history of home activity with door locks, garage doors, alarm systems, contact sensors and gets tap to unlock and pin  feature and providing more features with home app with new ios 17.

Reminders with iOS 17 Grocery list

With reminders you will be able to get new reminder features like grocery list that will automatically go to groups to make it a lot easier while shopping and users can change group list and change reminder group list preferences.

Visual Lookup

With new iOS 17 visual lookups you will be able to find and identify food, storefront, signs and symbols, and subjects from images as well. 


Now, with new iOS 17, you don’t need to say hey sir, siri can respond with SIRI once activated and siri will respond to multiple commands.

Photos App with iOS 17

iOS 17 photos app gets a machine learning to recognize photos that are favorite and suggest and favorite people, including cats and dogs.

Above are the list of new features and upgrades that you will see with new iOS 17 from Apple on iPhone iOS 17 or iPad iOS 17 and most of them are most useful features which can be used in day to day life.

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