Best Photo Editing App for Android

Best Photo Editing App for Android

If you have taken a snap on your android mobile and you want to edit your photo and give effects to your photo and add filters to your photo then there are plenty off best photo editing editing app for android or best photo editing apps for iPhone.

Using Android phones you can take decent pictures, by using the best photo editing apps you can take the photos to the next level. You may take photos of pets, dishes that you are going to eat, gifs and a perfect selfie.

One thing to be considered is that the best photo editing apps are easy to use because nobody wants to spend more hours to find settings from menu to edit photos. Using these editing apps offers a set of tools to make photos shine and you can share images with friends and family.

After searching a number of apps here some of the best photo editing apps. It contains a AI photo effect, background, sticker, text to enhance your photos.

How do we test best photo editing apps:

Some apps may be rated based on its strength and weakness. That are:

Apps that are tested for:

  • Ease of use.
  • Quality and versatility of sharing.
  • How well it achieves photo editing or back up.

Other aspects, we selectively tested:

  • Flexibility of camera module and photo import.
  • Power and photo editing capability.
  • Fun of collaging tools and other projects.

So, check here all our best picks for photo editing apps.

1) Picks art:

  • Top pick of best photo editing apps is  “pick art”. It provides lot of creative, variety of attractive filter and excellent image editing.
  • Easy of use, fun and you can select create fun stickers. While you are editing in middle it ask for pick art premium popup. Turn  them off. For video editors, filters and more tools you have to buy a premium subscription for one month $11.99 or for year $46.7.
  • It offers a high and rich accessible collection of photo editing and consumer tools for photography.

2) Snap Seed:

  • It is mostly used for serious photographer who want to spend some creative time to edit best photo.
  • It have an array of top editing tools, selective brushes and good collection of film related filters. It has a very good traditional tool, colour,  masking, reshaping and filter with different settings.
  • It is free and no premium version is applied for this app.

3) Adobe Photoshop camera:

  • One special feature is it contain AI and make use of senses which automatically identify the photo type(landscape or portrait). Add effects photo correction before or after you can click your photo with your phone camera.
  • It uses filters “called lenses to make special effect to lighting, colour, clarity and lenses have small animations like rocket ship or shooting stars. 
  • It is very difficult app and more fun loving photography , rather than pros or serious amateurs.
  • App is fee and no premium version.

4) Adobe lightroom:

  • Light room is very good learning platform and is a part of cloud based work flow that include storage of entire photo library and access of files on your devices.
  • When you purchase entire light room starts with $9.99 per month. It provides you a powerful photo processing control and quality at professional level.
  • You can make your images like pro and feature set is quite deep like colour, filter and selective edit.

5) Facetune2

  • It is one of the best editing app for photos. It smooth the skin and tooth whitening, makeup tools, shadows etc. It has ability take serious expression into a smiling portrait. It allow to control increase or decrease the intensity of effect. 
  • If you don’t buy the premium version of app you cannot use the interesting tools of app like reshape eyebrows, remove eye bags, changing background.
  • The premium cost of the app per month is $7.99, for year $35.99 or $69.99 for one time purchase. It is quite costly but powerful tool.

6) VSCO( visual supply company):

  • It was the app that created in California. It allows the users to take picture and edit them. It looks like a film camera photo.. it mainly focus on traditional photography and has a variety of photo corrections including film emulsion type filter and even import raw files.
  • VSCO offers a nice array of recapture control , exopulse, Iso, manual control over white balance. It has a community of users and influencers like VSCOs girl mem you don’t have any interaction on social network like you have Instagram but easy to post photos from VSCO to any network.
  • But the free is limited to basic tools for year $14.99 you have to access to a video editor and advanced settings tools and many more. Basically, VSCO is photographer tool that can create quality results, with the tools.


  • It is a cloud based set of image tools and photo sharing service. Actually it has 2M combinations of free effects, filters, overlays etc. And directly you can post photos to various social network sites.
  • It has an option to mark the most used effect and auto fix feature for automatic balance colour image. 
Best Photo Editing Apps for Android?

Picks art, Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop camera, Adobe lightroom, Facetune2, VSCO( visual supply company), Pixlr.