5 Ways to Fix Crawled – Currently Not Indexed Error in Search Consoles


In Search console you can see errors like “Crawled currently not indexed” and it can be fixed easily by updated content with valuable information on that particular page. When google says crawled currently not indexed when it is crawled then this is a serious issue, there is no need to submit particular URL to resubmit it again as crawled currently not indexed pages will not be indexed according to google guidelines directly says it may or may not be indexed in future as well and you can see discovered and not indexed as well in search console, if there is a google core algorithm update rolled out, you may see an increase in crawled currently not indexed as well due to algorithm shifts as well.

Google Crawled – Crawled Currently Not Indexed

Url will not index if the status of url is crawled currently not indexed and Google crawled currently not indexed means there is some issue with the content only and this means that google crawled your website url and the url or page doesn’t meet the requirements of google to get indexed in google and you need to check all possibilities to fix google crawled currently not indexed issue in search console.

What Does Crawled Currently Not Indexed Means?

Crawled Not indexed means, google bot successfully crawled your page, due to few reasons (Google Algorithms) it was not indexed in google search results. In search console, crawled, currently not indexed error may disappear if you modify your page and provide more useful content, unique content which helps users and resubmit it to google. If you don’t make any changes then google will not index them in search results and keeps on saying crawled currently not indexed.

How to fix crawled currently not indexed

Follow below methods to fix crawled currently not indexed urls in search console and update your sitemap file and improve the content on the page and provide more valuable information.

Method 1: Provide Unique, useful and Valuable Content and fix  crawled currently not indexed Error

Google crawled your page on your website and found that the information provided on that webpage is not useful for users or not enough valuable information provided by publishers on their website as per google algorithm and search quality rated guidelines, then this error will trigger in search console saying crawled currently not indexed.

To fix this crawled currently not indexed error you need to follow few things and make sure the information provided on particular page is valuable content, unique content  and helps users what they are searching for or looking for and your webpage answers what users are looking for.

Method 2: Avoid Duplicate Content and fix Crawled Currently Not indexed

This could be the main reason, some times without unknowingly you may be updating content on your website which is already present on your website. Debug your webpages which are listed under crawled currently not indexed. IN search console perform URL inspection and live URL inspection of a particular URL and debug the issues, when you perform URL inspection it tells you everything about a particular web page, google selected canonical. User declared canonical, indexing status and etc.

Method 3: Fix soft 404 to fix crawled currently not indexed error

If submitted URL seems to be a soft 404, which means there is not enough content on a webpage, then google will not index in their search results. Make sure to implement structure data on your website and see, the content provided by you is visible to google bot. Google bot sees content differently and users see content differently. Soft 404 means, a webpage showing 200 status code instead of 404 status code and sometimes google treats no content on website as soft 404 with 200 status code , the expected http status code to be returned is 404. No valuable content will be treated as soft 404.

Method 4: If URLs are Feeds then it will be Crawled Currently Not Indexed

Sometimes If you see this error most of the times if you are using WordPress websites, then you can expect to see list of all your website feed URLs listing in crawled currently not indexed. SO, you don’t need to resubmit them to get in indexed on Google Search. In this case you can leave them as it is and don’t resubmit them again to google, it will not index them in google search results.

 Method 5: Don’t Confuse Google Bot

Make sure the content provided by you on a webpage is visible to users and google bot can easily access your content on your webpage. If google bot sees no content then it will not be included in google search results.

What Does Crawled currently Not Indexed Means?

Page was successfully crawled by Google bot but it is not Indexed.

How to fix crawled currently not indexed?

Make your page awesome and provide valuable content to users to get indexed in search results.

Crawling and Indexing are different?

Yes, crawling and indexing are both different process now.

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