January 2020 Google Core Algorithm Update: New Look & Big Impact on Websites Rankings

To improve google search results, google keeps on rolling google core algorithm updates and make significant broad changes to their search algorithms which makes website ranks go high noticeable and go down deeply buried in google organic search.

As soon as google announced officially on google searchliason twitter handle, every one went crazy with the tweet and made lot of noise and grabbed lot of attention and many shattered by this January 2020 google algorithm update as most of the website owner/publisher from past google core algorithm updates lot of websites are seeing drops in their website traffic only only few of them are seeing ranking gains like lot of website who already occupied their position in google search has lost their ranking and seeing drop in their keywords which they are ranking for.

Website which are providing unique content are also getting slashed hard by google with this updates and lot of seo experts are not happy with core algorithm changes made by google and still trying to figure out how google is ranking website in January 2020.

January 2020 Google Core Algorithm Update:


Google officially announced that they are updating their core search algorithm on January 13th 2020 and this is the first broad core algorithm update by google in year 2020 and seems like lot of website have already learned many lessons from previous google core updates and lot of website are worked around on possible changes like EAT and YMYL niche websites and build authority for their website.

Website which have made changes and followed advices of google have seen a little bit of improvement in previous updates (Not Broad core algorithms) but with normal updates only. Lets see how this January 2020 Google core algorithm updates slashes how many websites and how many websites sees noticeable gains with January 2020 search algorithms.

What Google Changed with January 2020 Google Core Algorithm Update:

Google previously announced new design and new look and with this January 202 core updates google rolled new site brand and helping searchers better understand from where information is coming from and more easily scan results and decide what to explore.


Now site owners can indicate a preferred icon they wish to have appear next to the google search results and search listing and define a favicon to show in search results.


If your website is having favicon, it can be include in google search results next to the google search and these favicon displaying has guidelines too and can be penalized in displaying next to search results.

Google Changed Design for Search results to desktop

Last year, our search results on mobile gained a new look with January 2020 google core algorithm update and Now rolling out to desktop results this week, presenting site domain names and brand icons prominently, along with a bolded “Ad” label for ads. Here’s a mockup:


How Many Days Google Core Algorithm Will Be Rolled

Google started rolling core update on 13th January 2020 evening IST time and will be rolled various data centers in upcoming days it can be week, it can be 10 days or many. Google did not confirm for how many days google will be rolling core algorithm update, once it is done with all data center’s then update will be over. But maximum it will be completely rolled with in a week span of time.


Officially announced by google core update may take to two weeks to fully complete.

Google Search liaison on Twitter

Why January 2020 Google Core Algorithm update is Important:

Google recently in December updated their Quality rated Guidelines again and its very interesting to see google made changes in section of EAT and YMYL pages and few more according to google quality rated guidelines. So, its interesting to see which website will be having gain in traffic and drop in traffic and google always said provide original and useful content for users. Concentrate on delivering original content and provide substantial additional value and originality, useful, usable site to your users – and you should find yourself benefiting from Google updates in the long run.

Websites affected with January 2020 Google Core Algorithm:

There are plenty of websites which sees gain in their traffic and it depends of particular niche when analyzing January 2020 core algorithm, as this google core updates looks so big as soon as they rolled this updates they changes the look and design for desktop and asked publishers to provide favicons for their websites.

Affected websites with January 202 Google Core Algorithm Update:

As soon as they rolled January 2020 core update, few of their websites have seen gains in their website traffic and mostly who experienced drop in their website traffic are not yet reported. But SEMrush and other SERP tracking algorithm graphs fired up & started picking up at 8/10 (Semrush). At the time of writing SEMrush rank tracking tool is bleeding with changes at 8/10.


Health Website Ranking Changes with January 2020 Google core Algorithms Update:

With January 2020 Google Core Update Health Websites there will be a list of winners and losers, winners – gained google SERP ranking with January 2020 broad core algorithm update, losers – who lost google SERP ranking with google algorithm update.

There are lot of big websites which saw got affected with medic updates like website like prevention.com is seeing position gain of 4 in SERP and its good to see websites hit with medic update in august seeing a little bit of gain.

Data is taken from SEMrush.com

List of some of big health website seeing gains with January 2020 google core algorithm update:

WINNERS of January 20202 Google Core Update Health Website Position ChangesPOSITION RISE in SERP
www.sports-health.com pos rise by 14
www.spinemd.com pos rise by 6
www.health.com pos rise by 6
www.spineuniverse.com pos rise by 5
www.verywellhealth.com pos rise by 4
www.spine-health.com pos rise by 4
www.prevention.com pos rise by 4
www.onhealth.com pos rise by 3
www.fastmed.com pos rise by 3

Source: Data Taken from SEMRush Website

List of some of big health website seeing drops with January 2020 google core algorithm update

LOSERS of January 20202 Google Core Update Health Website Position Changes POSITION RISE in SERP
www.aging.comPos Down by 5
www.nextmd.comPos Down by 5
www.medicalxpress.comPos Down by 5
www.womenshealthmag.comPos Down by 4
www.nhsinform.scotPos Down by 4
www.self.comPos Down by 3
www.medexpress.comPos Down by 3
www.drugs.comPos Down by 2

What Google Says if you are affected by Core Algorithm Update:

Google says there is nothing wrong and you have to consider or assess again, in the light of new or different factors with your pages and provide content what other websites are not providing.

Build high quality pages that’s what google says and provide content which other website are not providing and try something different from other websites.

Main Mission of Google Core Algorithm Updates

Google rolls broad core algorithm updates yearly 2 to 4 times & the main mission of google Google Core Algorithm’s are designed to ensure that overall google search is delivering existing relevant and authoritative content for user searchers.

Google with Core Algorithm updates is more concentrating on authoritative content and making sure its providing trust worthy content for users instead of content which is written by a non-authoritative people.

Does Google Core Algorithm Updates Affects Google Discover Data?

Yes! Google core Algorithm updates also affects google discover data as well, coz core updates means google updating their ranking algorithm systems and search algorithms.

Latest google core algorithm update in Year 2020?

In Year 2020 on January 14th Google announced their first broad core algorithm update and started rolling out in various data centers and broad core google algorithm update started.

How Many Days Google Broad Core Algorithm takes place?

It takes weeks as it is not officially announced by Google for how many days this Broad core algorithm update takes places in various data centers. Once it rolls in all google data centers then the update will be rolled completely and official announcement will be given by Google.

Which Websites Affect with Google Broad Core Algorithm Update?

There is nothing in google core updates regarding specific targeting specific pages or particular niche, google will be concentrating or targeting on all google says is provide useful content to users, its a broad core algorithm which means changes to their core.

What to do if Your Website Ranking Drops with January 2020 Google Core Algorithm Update ?

Nothing, that is what google says… but google says publisher and webmasters should focus Content and quality questions, expertise questions, Authority, Presentation of your website, ads etc and other questions and Comparative questions.

Ranking Dropped After January 2020 Google Core Algorithm Update Did i violate Google Quality Guidelines?

No! Google Says if you are affected by google core updates that does not mean that you have violated google webmasters guidelines (spam Policies), not subjected to a manual or algorithmic action, as it can happen to pages that do violate those guidelines. These changes may cause some pages that were previously under-rewarded to do better ranking in google search results.

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