How to Implement Structured Data For Article Schema for Non-AMP Pages

Google is implementing new structured data new features in structure data search gallery and update its algorithms for better user experience with rich result test

Structured data helps google to understand the content on the page better and serve the results in google search engine and boost your website traffic visibility/impressions in search console.

By implementing Structured Data you can help search engines crawl your website easily and understand better while indexing the content of the page with different search features like article, blog posting, news article and other structured data features.

Note: Structured data is not a ranking factor and implementing it wrongly can lead to see dip in traffic or manual action.

How to Implement Article Structured Data

Article objects must be based on following types articles, NewsArticle, BlogPosting. You can markup structured data easily and use structured data to help google understand content better like if you are having news website, BlogPosting or sports Article and by adding structured data for your website can enhance your appearance and visibility in google search results and will be eligible for top carousel, visual stories and etc.

Add structure data elements to your pages by describing the article of the page or structured data which suits you better.

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Recommended Properties for Article structure data are below

To help google understand better we need to declare following properties and describe the article of the page.

mainEntityOfPage - The canonical URL of the article page. Specify mainEntityOfPage when the article is the primary topic of the article page.

dateModified – here date modified should be the time of article most recently modified in ISO 8601 format.

datePublished – The data and time when the article was first published

headline – Headline of the article and character limit should not exceed 110.

Image – The URL to an image that is demonstrative of the article which is embedded in article. Only a marked-up image that directly belongs to the article should be specified. Images should be at least 696 pixels wide.

author - : person or organization – The author of the article.

author .name The name of the author.

Publisher – The publisher of the article.

Publisher .logo – Logo of the publisher.

Publisher .logo . height – height of the publisher logo.

Publisher .logo. width – Width of the publisher logo.

Publisher .logo .url Publisher logo url.

Publisher name: Name of the publisher.

Make sure all the URLs must be crawled and indexed

Supported Image Formats for Structured Data: Article, NewsArticle, Sports Article, BlogPosting

Supported image formats for Article,blog, Article, NewsArticle, SportsArticle structured data articles are JPG, PNG, or GIF format

Provide High Resolution Images for Structured Data

Provide high resolution images path in structured data to provide better results, provide multiple high-resolution images (minimum of 300,000 pixels when multiplying width and height) with the following aspect ratios: 16×9, 4×3, and 1×1. Make sure you are following google image guidelines

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