Importance of Google Structured Data in SEO and Examples of Structured Data

Google Structured Data Types Examples and Its Uses

What is structured Data:

Structure data is the next big need idea we need for a web crawler. Simply to say structure data is the future of Search engines. Google Structure Data in SEO is an important element of successful search engine optimization. Structured data can easily explained as organizing data is the string data type and a string is a kind of structured data it can break down in to its characters. In a list the html elements can be anything we want, they could be numbers, they could be other lists. By adding structured data Google can easily understand what your page is about and helps in ranking website and gather information around the web by crawling webpage content.

Why Structure Date is important in SEO:

By adding structured data markup on your webpage it will be affectively affecting your webpage on Google search and by implementing structure data it will affect the appearance of your page on search with features that are specific to Google search. There are two reasons why structured data has a positive impact on your search engine rankings.

Search engine can identify the type of content provided on your website. It can then be displayed accordingly, for example video results are shown with a thumbnail image a play symbol. As a result the user immediately recognizes that the result includes video content. In addition, there is a higher possibility that the search result is shown in the search categories such as videos in the video search and news articles in the news search.

A better visibility in the search engine results page because the search result is bigger the sear result is bigger when rich snipes are included. This can lead to better click through rates, having a positive impact on your search engine rankings.

Examples of Structured Date Google:

For example a structured date for a recipe page includes what are the ingredients, the cooking time, serving time, calories …and etc data types will help Google understand what the webpage is about and by implementing structure data Google it can easily understand and display the data accordingly which will be helpful to users to understand in easy way with the data snippets implemented labels each individual element of a recipe user can search for a recipe ingredient , calorie count, cook time and etc.

google structure data testing tool for organization example
google structure data testing tool for organization example

How Google Structure Data is coded:

Structured data Google is coded in a page html markup that the information concern to and the structured data should provide information on the content of page and the information is accurate and more information by Google structured data.

Google Structured Data Testing Tools:

Google provides its own structured data testing tool and allows webmasters and developers to test it whether the implementation of structured data is valid or any errors in structure data.

How to test Google Structured Data:

Google Structure data can be testing in 2 ways by Google structured data testing tool by providing the URL of the page in googol structured data tool or by pasting simply the raw code in structured data tool. If any errors will be shown on the right side section of Google structured data testing tool. Example of structure date Testing tool markup can be seen here google structure date testing tool.

structure data
structure data

Google Structured Data Formats:

There are three types of structured data formats which fields are required and recommended which helps in search and most of the search structured data uses vocabulary.

Google supports 3 types of Structure data formats and they are :


2. Microdata

3. RDFa

Google recommends using JSON-LD for structure data.

What is Schema?

Schema is a type of microdata that makes it easier for search engines to parse and interpret the information on your web pages more effectively so they can serve relevant results to users based on search queries. The schemas are a set of types each associated with a set of properties.

What is is the centralized home on the web for the schema project, a collaboration between google, bing, yahoo and Russian search engine yandex to standardize structured markup.

Google Structured Data Features:

Google can enable a set of features based on the structured data markup available on that page and providing additional information.

Content Types:

Content type are if the page has the content of recepie, blog, News article or information about a book these information can be applied to content types which are eligible for appearing in top news carousel, recipe carousel or jobs listing etc.


Enhancements are the features like reviewing stars of a recipe or movie or rich results or rich cards.

Structured Data Google Search General Categories :

Google search has few wide-ranging types of search categories below are few of the search results categories.

Basic Result:


Rich Results:

Like content types with rich results include book, product, review, breadcrumb.

Enriched Search Results:

This enriched search results include an interactive results like adding structured data enables generating a three-dimensional image which appears to surround the user like for example recipe and job posting.

Knowledge Graph:

Which displays on the right side of the google search based up on the user query which is displayed in a visual similar to a rich result. Knowledge graph results included identity like logo, preferred site name, social icons and other data.

Carousel is a container which displays multiple rich results of the same type of similar results types.