Uses of Temporary Magnets and Types of Magnets Examples


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Magnet is a material which can attract iron objects and temporary magnets are those which work like permanent magnet when they are in domain range of permanent magnet attaching to objects and lose their magnetism when they are apart from permanent magnet. Magnet attracts objects made of nickel iron and cobalt and magnet has 2 poles north pole and south pole and opposite poles of two magnets attract each other i.e. north pole and south pole and south pole and north pole of other magnet attract each other and poles of two magnets repel each other and temporary magnets uses basically electromagnets are they are useful in many ways in daily life and uses of temporary magnets.

What is temporary Magnets Used For:


The main uses of temporary magnets are used to make temporary electromagnets and let’s see the uses of temporary magnets:

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  • Uses of temporary magnets to separate material made of metal in scrap yard.
  • Temporary magnets are used in cranes to move magnetic objects from one place to other by lifting up magnets (If its permanent they do not detach).
  • Uses of temporary magnets would be paper clips and nails and other soft iron items as examples used for temporary magnets.
  • Temporary magnets are used in electromagnet
  • Temporary magnets are commonly used in electric motors and telephones and speakers.
  • Temporary magnets are also used to make temporary electromagnets.
  • Temporary magnets also put a new spin in modern technology from hi-tech space to high speed trains.

What is a Magnet Used For:

Magnet is used in daily life in speakers, micro phones and from car to a computer magnets are used by harnessing the fundamental force of nature and its powerful now and magnets on modern levels and magnets are also used in roller coasters.

What Magnets are Important in Our Daily Life:

  • Magnets are used in credit cards in our daily life.
  • Magnets are used in Audio tapes.
  • Magnets are also used in cranes to separate Junk crap magnetic separation.
  • Bar code systems.
  • MRI scanning in Medical and also in magnetic therapy.
  • Uses of Magnet in Battery
  • Hair Dyer and Motor and use of magnet in daily life

How Many Different Types of Magnets are there?

There are 3 types of magnets:

  1. Temporary Magnets
  2. Permanent Magnets
  3. Electromagnets

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