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What is Electromagnetism, Permanent magnet and Temporary Magnet?

Before moving further with electromagnetism to a better understand about electromagnetism and what is electromagnetism you must know what is magnetism and what is magnet and there are three fundamental forces of physics in which one of them is called Electromagnetism.

What is Electromagnetism?

Electricity and magnetism are the two main explanation aspect of electro magnetism.

Electromagnetism is a branch of physics which deals with the study of electromagnetic force, and the phenomenon of the interaction of electric currents or fields of magnets and the type of physical interaction that occurs between electrically charged particles and the interaction may be divided in to 3 fundamentals named as strong interaction, weak interactions and the gravitations and electromagnetism can also be defined as magnetism developed by a current of electricity.

What is Permanent Magnets?

Every must have seen a small permanent magnets in house which are attached with the cartoon characters on fridge with the help of permanent magnets, the black colored in shape of round or square present at the back of the cartoon character which are attached to the pictures (cartoon character) and then we attach those pictures with the help of magnet to our cupboards or fridge and these are called as Permanent Magnets.

In simple way to define permanent magnet is magnetism induced in it is permanently and permanent magnetic its not dependent on whether its kept in electric field or not and these are generally of black color or white color shine like steam on that and coating will also be done for the permanent magnets.

Sizes of Permanent magnets we get them in different sizes where as it depends on the need of the permanent magnet size for ex: we need permanent magnet to stick it on our fridge we need a small round or square shaped permanent magnet will be enough to do that sticky job of permanent magnet, they varies in different sizes where as making huge permanent magnet in making is difficult due to the size and the process.

Examples of Permanent Magnets

Any Magnet made from steel is Permanent magnet

  • Horseshoe Magnet
  • Freezer Seal
  • Speaker Box Magnet
  • A Compass
  • A PM Motor
  • Magnetic Toys

What is Temporary Magnets?

Temporary magnets are those magnetic which act as a permanent magnet when there are in strong range of magnetic field and unlike permanent magnets they will lose their magnetism when they are not in range of magnetic field, they absorb magnetism for a small time when magnetic field is in a range that is why they are called as Temporary Magnetism.

This temporary magnetism induced is called as electromagnet. To be simple and make it easy to understand regarding the temporary magnetism in everyone’s childhood with small magnets (permanent magnets) and we also know that any magnet has got two poles, one is the South Pole and one is the North pole.

Examples of Temporary Magnets

Temporary magnets which lose their magnetic power induced and magnetic field disappear are called as temporary magnets.

  • Iron Nails
  • Paper clips
  • Needles and other similar Items
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