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What is Fluid Dynamics and Types of Fluid Flow in Fluid Dynamics?

Fluid dynamics is the branch of fluid mechanism which deals with the flow of fluids and their momentum of plasmas, liquid and gases and study of fluids and fluid flow forces affecting them and the solution of fluid dynamics problems typically involves calculating various properties of fluids such as velocity, pressure, temperature and density and the term fluid refers to either fluid of liquid.

What is Fluid Flow?

Explanation: Fluid flow is nothing but part of fluids which are flowing a pipe line will be flow and that flow is said to be fluid flow.

Fluid Flow Definition

Fluid flow in definition is stated as the part of fluids mechanism and flow of fluid which are in motion and cause or force someone or something to undergo a change to unbalanced forc in motion is said to be Fluid Flow.

In Fluid dynamics we consider flow of fluids but while taking here fluid here is ideal and what is fluid ideal here means there will be some properties will be absent in the fluid and those are:-

  • Viscosity

Viscosity will be absent and that fluid will be called as ideal fluid and that will be simply called as non viscous fluid.

  • Irrational Fluid:

Rotation of fluid will also be absent in fluid flow and its called as Irrational fluid and fluids which are incompressible the density of fluid will be constant.

The above mentioned above properties all these and the above type of fluids is called as simply ideal fluid.

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Fluid Flow Types

There are 2 types of fluid flow and lets see what are they:

There are two types of fluid flows they are named as Stream Line Flow and Turbulent Flow in fluid dynamics.

Stream Line Flow and Turbulent Flow:

Stream Line Flow:

Let’s see with example of real life suppose one fluid flowing in pipeline then fluid particles will have velocity at different positions and different points.

Let’s take at any one point as the consideration suppose that taking the 3 particles which are A B and C and when A B and C are crossing the point of consideration then A point will have some velocity that implies magnitude and direction at the same time B and C also having the same magnitude and direction.

So, while these particles are crossing the particular position and every particle has same velocity in magnitude and direction then that fluid flow will be considered as Streamline fluid flow.

Turbulent Flow:

From the above example of fluid flowing in a pipeline at a consideration point ,if they are having different velocities which is either in magnitude or direction then that fluid will be considered and called as Turbulent flow.

Difference between Stream Line Flow and Turbulent Flow:

Stream line flows in a particular direction with the velocity of magnitude and direction in same direction then it’s called as Stream line flow and with different velocities then its called as Turbulent flow.

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