How does Sound Shatter Glass:

Many people will be wondering how a person singing or shouting loud can break a glass or windows. Specially when a person singing louder and singing with loud voice continuously or in movies vampires shouting with high pitched screaming leads to shatter glass and windows and sometimes seen blood coming out of ears and truly sound shatter glass and an empty  wine glass can be broken by sound alone like opera singers do and volume of sound is the key to shatter glass because loudness of a sound is directly associated to the extent it displaces and shifts air molecules and cause sound shatter glass.

How does Sound Shatter Glass:

In physics, it is proven fact that sound can literally break glass for sure. Shattering of panes can be explained using the well know principles of resonance. We have seen window panes vibrate when heavy vehicles such as lorry pass by on road. Likewise, the panes of house near airports also vibrate when aircraft fly nearby. In these cases, the noise – a mixture of sound waves of varying frequencies) generated by the vehicle set ups vibrations in the atmospheric air surrounding it. These vibrations or Sound waves transfer the energy  from the source (vehicle) to the surrounding and dissipate it. If the noise is not intense, the sound dies away in a short distance.

Sound Shatter Glass Due to Waves:

If it is intense, the waves travel long distance and when these waves come across solid objects such as window panes, they transfer their energy to the object and force them to vibrate

If the frequency if the sound wave matches with the natural frequency of the object, resonance or tone sets in the object begins to absorb the incident energy and forced to vibrate with large amplitudes. In case of window panes, its edges are held by the window frame which prevent the oscillation and this results in shattering a glass.

How to Break a glass with Sound?

There are some experiments and projects to break a glass with sound and can prove how does sound shatter glass and this can be done by use of metal wind chimes lay them on surface

Hertz of Sound to Shatter Glass:

To shatter glass the frequency of waves should be around 550 Hertz. Therefore, the person in charge of shattering the glass has to make sure that their voice can attain a frequency in that range.

Can a sound wave kill human?

Yes! If sound wave is above 117dB it can start emphasizing lungs and face difficulty in breathing and leads to death and damage your bones.

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