How to Fix Samsung Smart TV Sound Bar No Sound

How to Fix Samsung Smart TV Sound Bar No Sound

If you are facing issue with no sound form Samsung smart tv when it is lighted up or turned on and when you play any video or tv then there will be a connection problem with your Samsung smart tv sound bar no sound then there are couple of ways to fix this issue by tweaking couple of settings you can try and resolve this issue of no sound from sound bar.

So let’s see in detail how to fix this issue with Samsung smart tv sound bar no sound, its very frustrated if there is no sound its weird as well.

Sound bar is connected to your Samsung smart tv with optical cable and music or audio come only from the tv.

How to Fix Samsung Smart TV Sound Bar No Sound

Change output settings from Expert settings and output

Step 1:  Grab your remote and press home button.

Step 2:  Go to settings

Step 3: Go to Sound option

Step 4: set the output to the following audio out/optical

Step 5: Close the settings, now sound bar should output normally from your tv now

That’s it by changing above settings now your Samsung smart tv sounds will be sound bar now sound audio will be coming.

Expert settings to fix Samsung smart tv sound bar no sound

Step 1: Go to home and open settings

Step 2:  Navigate to sounds option

Step 3: Now use down arrow and select ok expert settings.

Step 4: In Expert settings->Change the Digital output audio to something else like, PCM, Dolby digital or DTS NEO 2:5 which is supported by your sound bar.

Check Device and Cables are connected properly Samsung smart tv sound bar No sound

External device is connected is ON or Not?

First thing to check is external device is connected or not and playing audible, media, and the volume is turned up.

Connected to Correct Source?

Make sure that the audio source is connected to the right audio output source.

Check the cables?

Check cable from your TV on your back and make sure that your sound bar is connected to the correct ports at both ends. Verify cable is connected to an OUT port on the TV and to an IN Port on the soundbar.

Fixing Samsung smart TV for no sound settings?

By changing settings and expert settings and check cable and connected sources are connected properly.

How do I get the sound back on my Samsung Smart TV?

Make sure you change settings sound change tv speakers and set tv speakers.