List of Largest Botanical Gardens in World along with Names:

The Largest Botanical garden in the world is kew Royal Garden in London which is an internationally important research center and educational institute which employs more than 1100 plus employees and it consist of lovely garden where you can spend hours which makes more beautiful.

There are botanical gardens present all over the world and India. As Royal kew garden is the largest botanical garden there are many other and interesting botanical gardens as well in world and must visited, lets see them in detail below.

List of Largest Botanical Gardens in World:

  • Kew Royal London New Garden  UK
  • Longwood Gardens Philadelphia USA
  • Jardin Botanique Montreal Canada
  • Hawaii Tropical Botnaical Garden USA
  • Orto botanico di padava Italy
  • Botanischer Garten Botanical garden Munich
  • kirstenbosch botanical gardens South Africa
  • Singopore Botanical Gardens
  • Sydney Royal Botanical Australia
  • New York Botonical Garden

Lets see in details about the largest botanical gardens in the world, lets dive in from top 10 to top 1 position:

#10 – New York Botanical Garden in New York

New York Botanical garden in America and this garden contains 50 gardens and plant collections and garden highlights include an 1890’s vintage rock iron framed, crystal palace style green house. Peggy rock feller rose garden, rock garden of a 37 acre coniferous collection, extensive research facilities which includes a propagation center and a volume of 550000 volume of library and Herbarium of over 7 Million botanical specimens which are dating back more than 3 centuries and the heart of the garden is 50 acres of old growth forest and also contains a largest remnant of the original forest which covers all new York city before the arrival of Europeans settlers in the 17th century.

#9 Sydney Royal Botanical Austrailia:

The Royal Botanical garden is a major botanical garden located in the heart of Sydney. Royal botanical garden in Australia opened in 1816 and this garden is the oldest scientific institution in Australia and one of the most important historical botanical institutions in the world. It stunning position of Sydney harbor and immediately adjacent to the Sydney opera house and for sure it is the most stunning gardens in the world.

#8 Singopre Botonical Gardens:

Singapore botanical gardens founded in 1859 has 183 acres area of botanical garden in Singapore and the main attraction of this garden is Natural orchid garden with the hilly 3 hector site holding a collection of 1000 and more collection of species and 2000 hybrids of orchids. It also has a small tropical rainforest of around 6 hecters in size which is very old than the garden. It is infact one of the only two tropical rain forests found with in the major city and the other being in rio. The other attractions include ginger garden, wild monkeys and much more.

#7 kirstenbosch botanical gardens South Aftica:

kirstenbosch botanical gardens is the cape town south Africa and located at the foot of table mountain and it is 89 acres garden and was founded in 1913 in order to preserve the countries unique flora. kirstenbosch botanical gardens is one of the few botanical in the world that only cultivates indigenous plants with the botanical garden established for the express purpose of local flora conservation and also even now all the species there in are indeginous and the most famous graden trademark crane flower of yellow version of which is named mandela gold. The Garden includes a large conservatory exhibiting plants from number of different regions including savannah, fynbos and others and in outdoors focus is on plants native to the cape region.

#6 Botanischer Garten Botanical garden munich:

Botanischer garten munich botanical garden is established in 1809 and this garden cultivates around 14 thousand species on 18 hectares and servers to educate the public and train students as well and also preserves rare plants an European bee species. Major areas include an Alpine garden, arboretum collection of more steep plants, rhododendron, rose garden and this garden also contains an extensive green house complex including bromeliads, cactus, ferns, orchids, Mexican pants. The orchid collection alone includes over 2700 species. This botanical garden features great pavilion which is the largest glass house in the world and contains an exhibit of gaint bamboo.

#5 Orto botanico di padava Italy:

This is the oldest surviving botanical garden in the world and it is the world’s first botanical garden created in Padova in 1542 it still preserves its original layout which is a circular central plot symbolizing the world surrounded by a ring of water and it continues to serve its original purpose as a center for scientific research and this garden is affiliated with the university of Padova and currently covers roughly 22,000 thousand square meters and known for its special collection in historical design.

#4 Hawaii Tropical Botnical Garden USA:

Hawaii Tropical Botnical Garden opened in 1984 and covering 17 acres as a non profit botanical garden in nature preserve located on a four mile scenic route. This garden is located in scenic valley and features streams waterfalls and board walk along  and it contains around 2000 plant species representing more than 125 families, some of the gardens have mango and coconut trees are over 100 years old.

#3 Jardin Botanique Montreal Canada:

Jardin botanique Montreal which was founded in 1931 takes advantage of both indoor and outdoor spaces which provide a years around treasure for visitors and the 30 themed garden is the best place to visit and includes the largest Chinese garden outside Asia and the Japanese garden dedicated to bonsai plants and featuring some exquisite water features as well as the first nations garden that focuses on the cultivation of North America crops. In cooler weather visitors head indoors insectarium contanining 160,000 live and preserved bug specimens and the highlight is the butterflies go free exhibit during which thousands of live tropical butterflies and moths are released into the glass houses.

#2 Longwood Gardens Philadelphia USA:

Longwood Garden is located near Philadelphia the garden space is around 1000 acres and includes 20 outdoors 20 indoor gardens maintained in a mile and a half of heated greenhouses and it contains over 10000 different types of plants and trees as well as fountains. Long wood conservatory is one of the worlds greatest greenhouse structures , the conservations alone is home to 5500 types of plants and exploration of 20 indoor garden will take you a couple of hours,

#1 Kew Royal London New Garden  UK

London New garden is the world’s number world garden in the world is the biggest Kew royal gardens in London England and it has the world’s largest collections of living plants founded in 1840 from the exotic at Kew park collections include more than 30000 different species of plants while the herbarium has over 7 million preserved plant specimens with over 320 acres of landscapes and gardens including a storing tree top walk way 18 meters high and 200 meters long with huge glass houses provide hours of undercover discoveries with amazing giant lily plants in the water lily house, exotic rain forest in the palm house and 10 climate zones in the princess of wales conservatory, while kew key royal palace with royal kitchen allows you to discover its history and explore a beautiful Georgian royal retreat and one of the most interesting feature of the garden is the Davis Alpine House which is an eco-friendly building which house cool weather plants without the use of refrigeration, instead relaying on a series of underground pipes to maintain the appropriate climate.

largest botanical garden in world?

Kew Royal Gardens in London is the world’s largest botanical garden.

Which is the largest herbarium in the world?

Royal Botanic Gardens holds the largest herbaria in the world with more than 7 to 9.5 million specimens at the Museum of Natural History in Paris.

Which is the oldest botanical garden?

Orto Botanico di Padova world’s first botanical garden created in Padova in 1542 it still preserves its original layout which is a circular central plot.

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