Fix Wifi Not Showing in list of Available Networks

How to Fix Wifi Not Showing in list of Available Networks

  • To fix Wifi Not Showing in list of available networks issue on windows 11 or 10 -> you need to reset router or modem first and restart your windows computer.
  • Reset network settings and restart your computer and click on wifi icon and your wifi network will be discoverable and you will be able to connect.

When you try to connect to wifi network on your windows computer and when you are trying to connect to wifi network and you can’t see your wifi network in the list of available wifi networks or laptop is not detecting wifi networks or wifi network not showing in list of wifi networks on windows 10 then you can easily fix this issue and get back your wifi network get detected and connect it to wifi network easily. So, let’s see in detail below.

On your windows 10 or 11 computer if your wifi network is not showing on available networks wifi list on your computer then you need to turn off and turn on wifi and restart your windows computer and router. 

Fix Wifi Not Showing in list of Available Networks

Below methods will help you fix wifi not showing in list of available networks or wifi not detecting error in windows 11 or 10 computer.

Move Router or Modem close to your Computer

If you are far away from your router or modem and not having enough signal to reach out or discoverable then this issue can occur, So, Make sure that you are close to the router and modem.

Reset Router or Modem

Step 1: Press the power button on the router or modem.

Step 2: Wait for 30 seconds and then turn on the router again.

Wait for your router to turn on and check whether wifi is showing on your available network lists or not.

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Reset Network Settings

Step 1: In windows search -> type in settings and open windows settings.

Step 2: Click on Network and internet on left side menu

Step 3: Now, on right side -> Click on Advanced Network Settings

Step 4: Under More Settings -> Select Network Reset

Step 5: Click on Reset now and wait for your windows computer to reset network settings on your windows 11 or 10 computer.

Once you reset network settings, then any issue with your wifi network not showing on available list or wifi not detecting on windows 11 or 10 computer will be fixed successfully.

Laptop not detecting my wifi but detecting others

If your laptop is having outdated network adaptors drivers or any outdated drivers then you can experience this issue and you need to update drivers to the latest version and reset network settings.

Why is my Windows 11 not showing Wi-Fi option?

If there is an issue with your router or modem or if yo uare having corrupted drivers or outdated drivers or any issue with network settings, then you will see your wifi not showing up on wifi available list or wifi can’t be discovered.


Windows 10 no wifi option only ethernet

Open Device Manager -> Double Click on Network Adaptors -> Wireless Card -> Power Management Tab and Uncheck the box next to Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power.

Wifi option not showing in Windows 10 HP laptop

Open Device Manager and Update Network Adaptors and wireless Adaptor and reset network settings to fix this issue.