Fix Friends List Not Loading on PS5

Check ps5 network status and check if ps5 servers are down and signout and sign in again on your ps5 account and change DNS and MTS settings in ps5 network settings.

  • Check ps5 network status and turn off ps5 and close all games and power reset ps5.
  • Sign out of PS5 and sign in back again and change DNS settings and MTU settings on PS5 and connect to the network and check with friends list on PS5.

On your PS5 when you are trying to access friends list and ps5 friends list not showing up or won’t load or ps5 cant load something went wrong friends list game base then you can easily get rid of this issue on PS5. So, let’s see in detail below.

Fix Friends List Not Loading on PS5

Turn OFF PS5 and Close All Games

Step 1: Press play station button on controller.

Step 2: Access Quick settings -> Navigate to Power button and Press ok on controller.

Step 3: Now, Select Turn off PS5 and close all games and ps5 and turn off PS5.

Now, go ahead and turn on ps5 and then check with friends list on ps5 and it will start showing up friends list on PS5 without any issue.

Check PS5 Status

Sometimes, due to the playstation network being down, you can experience and get this error as well when loading a friend list on PS5.

Step 1: Open settings on PS5

Step 2: Select Network.

Step 3: Select Connection Status

Step 4: Select View PlayStation Network Status and check with PS5 network status.

If Ps5 network status is down then ps5 friendliest wont load and you can experience other issues as well on PS5 when network status is down.

Unplug Power cable and Plug Back after 60 seconds and Power Reset PS5

Step 1: Remove power cable of PS5 from wall socket.

Step 2: Leave it for 1 minute and then plug the ps5 power cable back to the wall socket.

Step 3: Now, turn on PS5 and wait for it to turn on and then go to friendslist on PS5 and check.

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Reset Router 

Due to wifi network related issue, you can experience this issue of friendslist not loading on PS5 as well.

Step 1: Press reset button and wait for 1 to 2 minutes.

Step 2: Now, press the power button and turn on the router and wait for the router to completely turn on.

Step 3: Connect your ps5 to wifi then check with friends list on ps5.

Signout and Sign in Back on Play Station 5

Step 1: Go to Settings on PS5

Step 2: Go to Users and Accounts

Step 3: Scroll down and Go to Others and Select it.

Step 4: Select Singout on the right hand side and Sign in Again.

Once you sign out of your PS5 account, then you will need your email address and password to login to ps5 again and once you sign out and sign back in then your issue of ps5 not loading or not showing friend list issue will be fixed.

Change DNS Settings (Network Settings) MTU Settings

Step 1: Open Settings on PS5 

Step 2: Scroll down and select Network.

Step 3: Select Settings on right hand side menu options.

Step 4: On the right side -> Select Set up Internet connection.

Step 5: Select the wifi network that you are currently connected to and highlight it and press the option button on the controller.

Step 6: Select Advanced Settings

Step 7: Go down and Select DNS Settings -> Select Manual

Step 8: Select primary DNS and type and select Done.

Step 9: In Secondary DNS ->type and click on Done.

Step 10: Go down and select MTU Settings -> Select Manual

Step 11: Select MTU and type -> 1472 and select ok and wait for your PS5 to connect to the network.

That’s it, once you change DNS settings, Primary and Secondary DNS and MTU settings then wait for PS5 to connect to your wifi network and then open friends list on ps5 and it will show friend list on PS5.

PS5 cant load something went wrong friends list

This can be an issue with Play Station 5 servers are offline and due to network related issues and try to logout and login back again and change dns server and power reset ps5 console.

Why Aren’t My Friends Showing Up on PS5?

If your ps5 is not showing or not loading friend list then there is an issue with ps5 network status and you need to check with ps5 network status and then fix any network related issues on PS5 and make sure you are connected to wifi network and change network dns settings and MTU settings and fix friends list not showing up on PS5.

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