How to Add and Accept friend request on PS5 Playstation 5

  • Tp add and accept friend request on PS5 -> Click on Notification area which says wants to add you as friend and select accept friend or decline or view profile and other options.
  • You can also go to the home screen of your PS5 console and go to friends -> friend request and see the list of friends and accept them or decline or reject them as well.

On your playstation 5 if you want to add someone to your friend request then you can easily add someone to friend request and add them to your friend list or close friend and reject friend request or decline friend request and once you add friend or accept friend request then you can start playing games with your friend on your PlayStation 5 and chat with friends on your PlayStation 5. So, let’s see in detail below.

Adding friend requests on your Playstation 5 (ps5) is pretty easy and go to ps5 friend request settings and add them and deline them or view all friend requests that you receive and add it on your playstation 5 game request.

How to Accept Friend Request on ps5

Below steps will help you add or accept friend requests on PS5.

Step 1: Press the playstation button.

Step 2: Go to Notifications 

Step 3: You will see in notification -> Person wants to be friend and just select the friend request notification.

Step 4: Select Accept and add or accept friend request on your PS5.

That’s it, this is how you add and accept friend requests on PS5.

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Friend Request Settings on PS 5 – PlayStation 5

Step 1: Go to Playstation 5 Gaming console home page

Step 2: on the left side under friends you can see all friend requests you have received.

Step 3: Select the smiley face next to search box and see all friend requests from here.

Step 4: Select the friend and select accept friend and reject friend and see all list of friend requests on PS5.

How to View friend Request Profile

Step 5: If you want to view friend request profile

Step 6: Select view Profile and press ok and view profile of the person who sent your friend request.

View All Friend Request

You can click on friend request notification which you received on your playstation 5 console and select view all request and see all the persons request and accept the persian request and see all friend request that you receive.

How do you cancel a friend request on ps4?

To cancel friend request -> Go to PS5 Game Console friends settings and select the person who you want to cancel and select decline or cancel and press ok.

Can’t Add Some Players Because of their Settings PD5

If you can’t add some players because of your ps5 setting or privacy settings -> you need to change these settings and control who can send friend requests or accept friend requests and change privacy settings here as well.


How do I allow friend requests on PS5?

To Allow someone to send friend requests -> Go to PSN Privacy settings and control who can send friend requests from here.

How Do You Stop a Friend Request on PS5?

Change PSN settings on your Playstation privacy settings and limit who can send friend requests on PS5.

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