Stop PS5 Controller From Vibrating on PlayStation, PC

  • On your Play Station 5 -> Go to Settings -> Accessories -> Controllers -> Turn off Vibration Intensity and Turn off Trigger effect intensity and select it to OFF.
  • If your ps5 controller is still vibrating then check whether both vibration intensity and trigger effect intensity is turned off or not and you need to turn off both settings.

If you are using a ps4 or ps5 controller on pc or your ps5 Dual Senes controller is vibrating and making buzzing noise when playing games on the ps5 controller then you can turn off ps5 controller vibration and disable the ps5 controller vibration noise easily. So, let’s see in detail below.

You can turn off and Stop PS5 controller from vibrating for the Fortnite nintendo switch, fifa, or any other games and remove the ps5 controller vibration when playing games and turn off vibration on ps5 controller and you can reduce the vibration to medium, weak, or strong or completely turn off vibrating PS5.

Stop PS5 Controller From Vibrating 

Follow below steps to disable and turn off ps5 controller  from vibration when playing games using ps5 controller on windows pc or xbox or play station.

Turn off PS 5 Controller from Vibrating on Play Station 5

  • Grab your PS 5 controller and go to settings option on Top
  • Scroll down and Go to Accessories
  • Select Controllers on left side menu
  • On the Right side Go to Vibration Intensity and Select OFF option.
  • Now, select Trigger Effect Intensity -> Turn off this option.

That’s it, once you turn off these settings on your play station settings then your ps5 controller will not vibrate anymore and will stop from vibrating when playing games or using play station 5 controller.

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Can’t Turn OFF PS5 Vibrating

If you cant turn off ps5 controller vibration then you need to make sure that you have turned off vibration intensity and trigger effect intensity on your playstation 5 settings.

Why to Stop or Turn off PS5 controller from vibration

If you are using dau sense ps5 controller and its constantly vibration when playing games on play station then your batteries may drain fast and sometimes due to vibration you will get irritated as well and you can simply turn off ps5 controller from vibrating to avoid these issues.


How do I stop my Controller from vibrating?

You need to go to setting -> Select Accessaries -> Select controller Settings -> turn off vibration intensity and trigger effect intensity and your ps5 controller will not vibrate.

Why is my controller vibrating for no reason

This can be due to temporary glitch and restart your ps5 will probably fix the issue.

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