Share Video Clips to Twitter on PS5 Console

If you want to upload or share your ps5 console link to twitter then you need to first link your twitter account to your ps5 console and then share video clips to twitter on the ps5 console. So, let;s see in detail below.

Share Video Clips to Twitter on PS5 Console

Can i Share Video Clips recorded on PS5 Console to Twitter?

Yes! You can share video clips that you have recorded to twitter easily and first you need to link your twitter account and then open the media gallery app on PS5 Console and select the video clip and then share it on Twitter linked account.

Share Video Clips to Twitter on PS5 Console

Follow below methods to share video clips on to twitter of your Playstation 5 Console.

First you need to link twitter to your play station 5 console.

Step 1: Go to Settings on PlayStation 5 Console and select gear icon (settings).

Step 2: Go down and select Users and Accounts

Step 3: Select Linked Services

Step 4: Select Twitter here and login your with your twitter account  and follow onscreen instructions and link you twitter account.

After linking your twitter account with your PS5 Console then you will be able to upload video clips or share video link or game link on to twitter easily.

Share Video Clip to Twitter from PS5 Console

Step 1: Go to  Home screen and select Game Library on Play Station 5.

Step 2: Select Installed Tab

Step 3: Select Media Gallery and open it and here you will see all your game clips here

Step 4: Select the video and Press option button on controller

Step 5: Select Share and select twitter account

Step 6: Here, when you share video clip on to twitter, you can also write comment or description of the video or even record your voice as well when sharing video clip to twitter from PS5 console.

Step 7: Now, Select Post and wait for the video clip to post on your twitter account.

Thats it, this is how you share video clip to twitter using your play station 5 console and share it with your friends.

You Can’t Share Screenshots or Video Clips From This Game PS5

If you are getting a error message which says “you can’t share screenshots or video clips from this game ps5” then you need to just restart your Play Station 5 and then start sharing screenshot or video clips and this should fix the issue easily.

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