set up smart hub on Samsung smart TV

How to Set up Smart hub on Samsung smart TV

What is Smart Hub on Samsung Smart TV?

Smart hub enables you to experience more advanced premium app features which are built for Samsung users like installing apps on Samsung smart tv and search movies and tv shows, apps, Digital content video streaming devices like YouTube sports, social updates as well like Facebook twitter and many more,  chat with friends video conferences and etc.

Setting up smart hub on Samsung smart tv is pretty easy and straight forward all you need to do is install smart hub  and activate Samsung smart hub on your Samsung tv to install apps and enable advanced features on Samsung smart tv and experience online streaming apps like Netflix, amazon prime and other features.

How to Setup Smart Hub on Samsung Smart tv?

Now we are going to learn how to set up smart things Hub on Samsung smart TV. To  set up Smart Hub on your Samsung smart TV just follow the below steps.

Step 1: From the menu screen click on Smart hub


Step 2: It will display a list of icons. From that select Open Smart Hub.

Setup smarthub on samsung smart tv

Step 3: Then after click on Set Up Smart Hub

Step 4: Then it will display welcome to Samsung smart Tv. Below that there will be a Start option Click on that

Step 5: It will open  Network Settings

Step 6: Select your Network. If you don’t see your network on the list enters its name(SSID) or select the WPS (PBC ) button to set up a custom network.

Step 7: Enter your Network password. If you have an unsecured network continue to next step, please be aware that having an unsecured network will make you vulnerable to security threats.

Step 8: After entering the password then click on Done.

Step 9: Then again it will display the Network settings .Just click on OK.

Step 10: Next step, Review the Smart Hub terms and conditions, Privacy policy. After reviewing the terms, select the check box in front of I agree to all.

Step 11: Then select OK.

Step 12: To Confirm, select OK.

how to set up smart hub on Samsung smart TV

Step 13: Select your TV source cable (For example satellite box cable )

Step 14: Select your provider from the list provided below.

Step 15: Setup the remote.

Step 16: After setting up the Remote click on OK.

Step 17: Next, select the TV port that the set top box you want to set up is connected to. For example HDMI 1, HDMI2, HDMI3 select on which port you want to connect.

Step 18: Now your Smart TV is ready to use. Click on Done.

You have completed the steps and now enjoy using Smart Hub services on your Samsung Smart TV.

Can I install apps without using Smart hub?

Yes! You can install apps on Samsung smart tv without using smart hub as well by installing apps from third party external source content.

How do i activate smart hub on Samsung Smart tv?

Samsung smarthub app is a preinstall app which comes on your Samsung smart tv. Once you install smarthub on Samsung smart tv and complete the setup process and agree all terms and conditions it automatically gets activated and no need to activate Smarthub on smart tv separately.

Smarthub on Samsung Smart tv update?

Once you turn on your Samsung smart tv if smarthub is recommending an update then you need to update it accordingly to avoid any issue with Samsung smart tv apps not responding or apps freezing etc. Once you click on update smart hub then you need to wait until the smarthub update process completes and don’t turn off your Samsung smart tv until smarthub finishes update.

Can I reset Samsung Smarthub?

Yes ! You can reset Samsung smarthub if you face issues with apps not working properly or apps freezing or any issue with Samsung smart tv apps. Follow the below steps to reset Samsung smarthub.

Step 1: Press smarthub button on your Samsung smart tv remote.

Step 2: On Smart hub screen settings -> Press the blue letter D.

Step 3: Under settings -> Highlight Reset and press ok.