Block Ads On Facebook 2023

If you are seeing too many ads on your facebook when you browser and scroll down on facebook when you scroll on home page and seeing lots of ads on facebook like sonosdered etc then you can turn off ad settings on facebook and personalize ad settings on facebook easily and get rid of ads on facebook and block ads. So, let’s see in detail below.

How to Block Ads On Facebook 2023

By changing these ad personalize settings you will see less ads when you scroll down or when using facebook and it will not block all ads and you can also choose which type of ads that you want to choose etc by changing ad personalize settings and there is no way that you can block facebook ads on facebook on website or android or iPhone app.

Block Ads On Facebook 2023

Step 1: Open facebook and tap on 3 lines on top right corner

Step 2: Tap on Settings and Privacy

Step 3: Tap on Search bar on top and Search for Ad Preferences

Step 4: Tap on Profiles

Step 5: Now, in Ad preference settings you will see all Ad settings which are displaying on your facebook account when you browse on facebook and you can change settings as per your preference here

Step 6: Now, tap on Categories used to reach your option.

Step 7: Now, turn off all options from here -> Employer, Job title, Education, relationships status and toggle button next to it and turn them off.

Step 8: Now, Tap on other categories and tap on see all categories and then tap on remove next to all options from here.

Once you turn off all options from your ad preference settings, then your ads will be blocked on facebook and you will see less sponsored ads on your facebook when you browse.

Is it possible to block all Facebook ads?

No! Its not possible but by changing ad personalize settings on facebook you can choose and limit the number of ads and category of ads and change ad preference settings on facebook.

Why Am I Seeing So Many Ads on Facebook All of a Sudden

If you are setting too many ads on facebook then you have changed preferences of your ad settings or you may have clicked on ad products like sponsored and facebook is recommending other sponsored ads and facebook shows ads depending on your previous facebook browsing history and viewed history etc.

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