Amazon Mini TV App

Amazon Mini TV App Download, Install, YouTube videos, Web Series

Amazon comes with a new features and this time with always entertaining, Always free. Yes amazon launching tv version and named it as Amazon mini tv and its soon to be launched. Amazon always comes with the new features and brings good experience and rich content to enhoy whether it can be with Amazon Alexa or it can be audible, shopping apps, amazon food apps. Now comes with latest this time hitting the tv version called Amazon mini tv.

What is Amazon mini tv?

Amazon mini tv is a tv platform like apps like youtube, webseries, like jio has JIO tv now amazon launches Amazon Mini tv. All the popular youtubers, and all the top verified account videos have been shown on amazon mini tv as of now and web series as well on Amazon mini tv.

How to Download Amazon Mini tv?

You don’t need to download amazon mini tv, if you have amazon prime membership you can watch amazon mini for free or just open and your will see amazon mini on amazon website -> just click on amazon mini.

How to Access Amazon mini tv?

You can access amazon mini tv via app only as of now web version is not releaed or it can be launced in future there is no official update.

What special with Amazon Mini tv?

In amazon mini tv -> you will see all popular youtube videos and trending or most viewed youtube videos, and youtube web series are integrated with amazon mini tv. So, it can be more advantage for youtubers.

Is amazon mini tv free?

Yes ! as of now amazon mini tv is free and there is not extra charge will be applicable. Search for amazon mini app and click on try now button that’s it.

Is Amazon mini tv same like YouTube?

No official news till not but seems like there will be an option coming in future for youtube creators to upload videos on Amazon mini tv just like youtube.