2021 Best skills for Alexa and how to use Alexa Skills

Amazon Alexa is one of the most powerful and personal assistants for Android phones like the way Siri is used for iPhones. And make the amazon personal voice assistant which is installed in echo speakers and other home devices.

Now amazon added a many number of new features to Alexa, but the key is to make Alexa smart skills for your needs through assistants. You can control devices, online shopping, play games, listen to music, and even start your car.

How to use Alexa skills:

If you want to use Alexa skills, first you have to enable it. Go to the Alexa app, search the skills that you have interest and click on enable skill to get started. Here are steps to follow.

  • Open Alexa app on your phone and click on menu which is in upper left corner and choose skills and games.
  • Click discover to browse premium skills editor pics, recommendations.
  • Click on skill to learn more and then click enable to use to enable skills.
  • You can see skill permission on screen, then choose the check boxes for skill request and save permissions.
  • Alexa skills will be enabled. On skill information page you will see what skill you can use, for ex: Alexa play music.

After combining hundreds of different brands, developers developed a list of best Alexa skills that help you to get the most out of amazon assistant.

1. Alexa guard:

Alexa guard protect you from troubles such as listening of suspicious sound, any breaking sound or sense a problem. Turn your echo speakers into security devices. All these will be notified by Alexa app when you are out of house and it is very faster.

Alexa guard plus is an updated version and is available at $50 per year. It is cheapest professional monitoring service.

2. Get Weather Report

Alexa has an option for weather forecast and it is one of the best Alexa skill because it gives accurate and up to time weather information.

 Provides you the information about dark sky, wind speed, humidity and local forecast of your street address.

3. Play Music

You can stream latest musical songs using Alexa from variety music apps like Amazon music, apple music, Spotify, Wynk music, deezer, Sirius XM etc., and you can also play your selected playlist.

You can combine categories like feeling frisky, 80’s music and ask Alexa to play hook up music.

4. Use Alexa as Personal Trainer

Alexa helps in your daily work out routine, if you ask Alexa “ start daily workout” it will suggest you reportedly tested exercise and improve your energy, remove fat.

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5. Check Credit Balance

Ask “Alexa to open Amex” it allows you to connect your account. Now you can check your balance, review charges and make payments. It will keep your finances orders.

6. Find Favourite Restaurant

Alexa has the information about business and others. Search for a place that you want to eat in restaurant. You can  ask Alexa about address of restaurant, location, time, phone number etc.

7. Play Games

One of the best skill about Alexa is more fun and you can play different games like jeopardy, scissors, bingo, etc. Check out for the games and accessories section of Alexa app. There you find the games you can play and enjoy.

8. Watch TV

There are many ways to control your TV using Alexa. You have to use Harmony skill to link remote to Alexa. Recently it has been upgraded so, you can say “ Alexa, Turn my TV on” or pause.

9. Get First Aid:

You may get minor scratches while you doing some work. Ask Alexa “help” for life threatening or emergency and instructional purpose only.

10. Ask Alexa to Explain itself

When you ask “ Alexa explain yourself”. It will hear and respond and then it starts explaining about itself. The feature will lead better communication between you and Alexa voice assistant in future.

11. Talk Different Languages:

Alexa is using all over the world and every household speak different languages. In India mainly two languages are talked they are English and Hindi  . If you want Alexa to speak in that language you have to enable multilingual mode. 

12 Start your Car

You want your car get started and warmed up before you drive. Number of brands have skills to get start your vehicle remotely unlock and lock doors. Turn on lights interior temperature and more. You all do these things by giving your voice to Alexa.

Vangari Divya
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