Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping S10

How to fix Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping S10

  • Try clearing cache of keyboard data and update your s10 galaxy mobile -> Settings -> keyboard  toolbar -> reset to default settings.
  • If you are experiencing keyboard s10 lagging issues or samsung keyboard has stopped working on lock screen or crashing after update or keyboard keeps disappearing then you need to clear cache of keyboard app on your samsung galaxy s10 mobile.

If you are sending a message to any of your friends, unfortunately in the middle of typing, the keyboard keeps stopping or may get stuck. So, due to this problem don’t Worry because it’s a very common thing for a built-in keyboard in Samsung devices.

If it keeps stopping, it might be a software problem or some unwanted apps disturbance. Go to settings or change keyboard to solve  your problem.

How to fix Keyboard Keeps Stopping S10

So, here are a few steps to fix problem, you can try each method and check keyboard works if it solve your problem then no need to send your phone to store for repair.

Reset keyboard settings

Step 1: Sometime your keyboard runs on “landscape” in case of “portrait”. You can change this in keyboard settings.

Step 2: First use keyboard in landscape mode.

Step 3: Then click on settings. In settings, go for the reset to default settings.

Step 4: Click on reset your keyboard.

Note: By doing this it reset all your keyboard language settings, then you have to configure again.

Restart device

By restarting your device may solve common problems. It resolves app crashes and other minor issues to run your galaxy smoothly.

Step 1: Long press and hold power button for few seconds. Then click on restart button.

Step 2: To start your phone it take nearly 20 or few more seconds to restart your phone automatically.

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Clear keyboard cache and Data

Even keyboard is an in built app, it does not require data. But time to time you have to clear the cache. After check if keyboard runs fast and smooth.

Step 1: Open settings on your phone and go for the Apps.

Step 2: Then open show system apps and click on in built Samsung keyboard app.

Step 3: Choose memory and click on clear cache and clear data.

Reboot you Phone into safe mode

If you are still facing problem and you found that another app is suspecting that problem, you can boot them into safe mode. And check your problem has solved or not.

Step 1: Hold and long press the power button.

Step 2: Click and hold power off button.

Step 3: Tap on OK to confirm.

Step 4: Hold the power button until the logo appears on device screen. Hold the volume down button for a few seconds until phone reboot into safe mode. If your keyboard works in safe mode, means due to another app keyboard keeps crashing. If that is the problem, you can troubleshoot and uninstall the app.

Force Restart your keyboard

Step 1: You can restart keyboard app itself by using force stop to reset the app. Mostly is solved your keyboard problem.

Step 2: Open settings and go for the apps. Then click on keyboard app.

Step 3: Click on force stop which is available at bottom of the screen.

Install and update android

Installing and updating may also fix some unknown problem. Your S10 galaxy should notify any available updates in case you turn this mechanism off.

Step 1: Open settings and click on software update.

Step 2: Click on download and install.

Step 3: Wait for some time for the device to check for updates.

Step 4: If there is no update, phone will tell you. If update is available then install it.

How To check for app update on Samsung Galaxy S10

Step 1: Open google play store and click on more settings.

Step 2: Click on my apps and games available at top left corner.

Step 2: Check for updates. 

Use third Party Apps

Still your keyboard stops every time, you can change your keyboard. Use third party apps to replace it.

If you ask google, it will recommend you Gboard.  With it excellent features and options, you can go back to your default keyboard once try to use it.