What is Red Dot on Apple Watch

  • Red dot on apple watch is a notification indicator when you receive message or emails, calls etc and it will notify you on apple watch with red dot.
  • To remove the red dot on apple watch -> Open apple watch app -> Notification settings -> turn off notifications.

Apple watch is advanced smart watch and looks like a secondary screen. Using Apple watch you can conveniently stay in connect with you iPhone. With that you can see all your notifications like whatsapp messages, emails, calls etc, Sometimes you see a red dot on apple watch without picking up your phone, due to these notifications you can see a red dot at the top of your screen.

What is Red Dot Mean

Red dot on an apple watch is a notification indicator and if you get any specific message on your mobile, then you can quickly get that notification. And these status icons are designed if some event has happened. For example, an airplane icon is displayed if airplane mode is enabled. Sometimes, you may get irritated if you constantly get notifications and then you decided to turn it off.

Check Notifications on Apple watch

In order to view notifications that you have received on your Apple watch then you have to do is swipe down top of screen with your face turned on.

  • Click on each notification to read or there are many number of notifications you have to scroll down through using digital crown.
  • If you want to delete any notification, swipe left and click on ‘X’ button or to dismiss individual notification scroll down and click on ‘dismiss’ button at bottom of screen.
  • If you want to delete multiple notification at same time, scroll down and click on ‘clear’ or ‘clear all’ options. 
  • If you have seen or dismissed notification then red dot will automatically disappear until you will get new notifications.

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How to Remove Red dot Apple Watch

It is very easy to turn off the red dot on Apple watch from settings or watch app on your iphone.

On iPhone 

Step 1: First, open the watch app on your iphone and go for the notifications.

Step 2: Then toggle off the notifications indicator turn off the notifications. In future if you want you can turn on this red dot indicator.

Apple Watch

Step 1: Click on ‘digital’ crown and then go for the ‘settings’ app. Click on ‘notifications’.

Step 2: Click on ‘Toggle’ button to turn off the notifications indicator.

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