How to Fix Samsung Smart TV Apps Not Installing

  • To fix Samsung smart tv apps not installing then you need to update your Samsung to the latest version and power reset your smart tv.

With some extra features Samsung smart TV now has became one of the best entertainment package and you can install apps on Samsung tv and third party apps as well . It is an electronic device with more number of streaming apps to watch shows and movies, but sometimes you may encounter a problem that us apps installation is failed. Some of the common issue is why Samsung smart TV is not installing apps are due to technical errors, poor network connection or outdated software and basic solution for  troubleshoot the errors.

Fix Samsung Smart tv Apps Not Installing Issue

Samsung Smart TV Apps Not Installing

Step 1: First hold the power button on remote for 30 seconds. unplug the TV and plug it back after 30 seconds.

Step 2: Change input source to HDMI/non internet source it may fix the glitches that you are facing on smart TV.

Technical Errors

Samsung TV is designed in a way that it can fix them without any other assistance. Sometimes the error might become more severe then you think that make your intervention is necessary. Errors like App crashing, freezes and some technical glitches.

Update Software

Some Technical errors can be solved by updating it to latest version follow below steps to update it.

  • On the TV remote go to menu and choose support.
  • Select for software update and press enter.

Change Country Code

If apps no longer in smart Hub or not loading any of them. To solve this, you can change the current country code to solve or check.

Step 1: Click on smart Hub on remote and once it load press on 2,8,9.

Step 2: Under internet service location select a country and accept the terms and conditions. Hit on proceed.

Step 3: Now, Allow smart hub to update and revert to country code. 

Step 4: Finally relaunch  the app.

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Check for Network Connection

If there is a poor internet connection then it may be one of the reason for failing installation apps. If apps like Amazon, Netflix may not work efficiently then check internet connection.

  • Wireless network connection are more prone to errors then quality cables and makesure that no other electronic gadgets not interference with the signals.
  • If none of these works, upgrade the internet plans.

Reset the TV Apps

If you cannot install the any apps, you have to remove all of them. Once your smart hub is empty, you can download and reinstall to the latest version. This is one of the highly efficient technique to resolve the problem.

Cold boot your TV

It is one of the most effective and simplest way of resolving the app related issue. When you cold boot your TV then it will shutdown and reboot, It like computer. The process is simple you can do this in two methods.

Use Samsung Smart tv Remote

This is the easiest way to cold reboot your Samsung smart TV.

Hold the power button until the device turn off and back on. It almost takes nearly 5 seconds to start again.

Unplug the TV

Unplug the TV if your remote control is low on batteries. It may involve in separating the surge protector from power cord and then wait at least for 10 seconds before you plug it again.

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