Fix Hulu App Buffering Issues

If you are playing video on hulu and the video keeps buffering or stuck on loading then you need to check your wifi internet connection, restart your device and check with software update and perform a power reset or soft reset on your device.

Hulu app keeps buffering issue occurs mainly due to bulky cache or corrupted cache and also due to software update issue as well and you need to clear cache of hulu app on your device and reinstall hulu again.

Hulu App Buffering Issues

Follow below simple methods to get rid of hulu app video keeps buffering issues.

Close Hulu App Completely and Re Open

You need to close hulu app completely and exit hulu app and then open hulu app again, if there is any technical issue then this will fix buffering issues.

Power Reset

You need to restart your device first by unplugging the power cable of the device completely and then wait for 60 seconds and then plug it back in and open the hulu app and check.

If you power reset your device then it will fix any software or technical glitch and it will also clear cache or all data of hulu app which will help in fixing hulu app buffering issue.

Slow WIFI Internet Connection

If your WIFI internet is slow or weak signal strength then this will result in video buffering on Hulu app and you need to restart your router or modem and then check.

Restart Router or Modem

Unplug power cable of router and remove all router cables connected to your device and wait for a few seconds and then turn on router or modem and then connect your device to WIFI and then open Hulu app and play video and it will not buffer.

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Update Hulu App

You need to update hulu app to latest version on your device and check if new version of hulu app is available and check for update and update it to latest version.

If you have installed an older version of the hulu app and it is not updated on your device with the latest software update then you need to update it and after updating the video will not buffer.

Clear Cache and Clear All Data

Go to installed app settings on your device and then select hulu app and select clear cache and clear all data and after clearing cache your issue of hulu app video buffering will be fixed.

Uninstall and Reinstall Hulu App

Go to apps and select hulu app and uninstall hulu app from your device and then reinstall hulu app.

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