How to Update Hulu App on Sony Bravia Smart TV

  • You can easily update hulu app on sony bravia smart tv by just going to apps section -> click on update and wait  for the update to complete.
  • You can also update the hulu app manually as well and enable auto update option.

Mainly there will be some reasons for updating hulu app and other apps regularly and you need to update apps on sony bravia regularly. Firstly, the updates will mostly provides new features or functions to that app. Secondly updates will fix most of bugs that developed in your apps. While hulu is one of the best streaming app for sony smart tv. Hulu upgradation to the latest version is a best way to make sure users will get better experience with bug fixing and new features. Where sony bravia smart tv frequently update its apps, but coming to upgradation of each and every app became more tricky, the number of apps also increases with every download. Fortunately, sony has giving some options from updating its entire software with few steps. Here, in this article will detailed some methods to update hulu app. 

How to Update Hulu App on Sony Bravia Smart tv

Update Hulu app on sony bravia smart tv

Method:1 Update App Manually

If you want to update your hulu app on sony bravia smart tv by yourself just keep tracking the steps.

Step:1 Take your tv remote control and press home button

Step:2 Now choose google play store followed by my apps option

Step:3 With this you can see all the available apps in your bravia smart tv

Step:4 There you will find the hulu app then tap on it and click on update.

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Method:2 Update Bravia smart tv software

If you still not done  with upgradation of hulu app on your smart tv. Then choose entire smart tv software update option. But sony will offering updates via antenna or digital cable signals. If your software of bravia tv is already updated and asked your to update entire firmware, you should follow the steps.

Step:1 Take your sony tv remote control and press home button. For checking your smart tv version tap on apps option

Step:2 Then choose help and look for system software update 

Step:3 After selecting this option then tap on automatic software download or automatically check for update option 

Step:4 Next google this option to ON

Step:5 For saving changes then press enter button.

Method:3 Update app Automatically

This method will make user free, for doing their task because smart tv will automatically update its software automatically by following this steps.

Step:1 Take your tv remote control and press home button

Step:2 Select apps option and choose google play store 

Step:3 Then choose settings option

Step:4 Select the auto-update app feature

Step:5 Then followed by an auto-update app at any time option.

By following some simple methods mentioned in this article will make your task of updating hulu app on sony bravia tv is easy. You can go with manual or automatic method based on your schedules. Once you miss your update you may miss its new features.

Why to Update Hulu App on Sony Bravia Smart tv?

If you wont update hulu app to the latest version then you will experience hulu app not working or hulu app stuck on logo or hulu keeps crashing and other issue with hulu. So, to avoid all these issues you need to update hulu app on sony bravia smart t and with every update of hulu app they will update with bug fixes as well.

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