How to Fix Hulu Not Working on Roku

  • To fix hulu not working on roku -> perform power reset by removing power cable and wait for 30 seconds and plug back power cable and wait for it to reboot.
  • Delete and remove hulu from the roku device and install hulu channel again and add it to your roku and login with your login details and start watching hulu channels on roku.
  • Reset roku streaming device completely and restore its settings back to its original default settings.

On your roku streaming device if you have installed hulu app and when you open hulu app or hulu live is not working on roku, or hulu keeps freezing on smart tv, or hulu sound not working on roku or channels on roku or hulu app stuck on logo or hulu keeps crashing or laggy or any other issues then you need to follow this simple troubleshooting methods to get your hulu working on roku. So, let’s see in detail below.

When you install hulu on roku it gets installed successfully and when you try to login to roku it will not work and these methods will fix issues of hulu app not only working on hulu also works with hulu not working on hisense tv, samsung smart tv, sony, xbox or vizio, lg smart tv or any other smart tv or firestick streaming devices Macbook, Windows PC as well.

This fix will work for all roku streaming devices like roku premier, roku streaming stick, roku express and roku ultra and you can hulu on hisense tv and install it, lg smart tv and you can also download hulu app outside united states as well.

Fix Hulu app not Working Roku

Below hulu and roku troubleshooting methods will fix all issues with hulu on your roku streaming device.

Unplug Power Source

Step 1: Turn on your roku tv and unplug power source of roku tv

Step 2: Wait about 30 seconds

Step 3: Plug it back after 30 seconds and wait for roku tv to reboot.

Once roku tv reboots or restarts then you can go ahead and start using hulu on roku tv  and you will not experience hulu not working issue on your roku tv.

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Delete Hulu from Roku

Step 1: Go to apps section and select hulu channel

Step 2: Press the *(star) button on your remote

Step 3: Select remove channel and remove hulu from your roku and delete it.

Install Hulu

Step 1: Grab your remote and press home button

Step 2: Search for hulu app (channel)

Step 3: Select hulu and select add channel and wait for the roku streaming device to install hulu on roku.

Now, once you install hulu on roku then go ahead and login to your hulu account and check now, hulu will work properly now, without any issues and you will not face any issues like laggy, crashing, stuck or buffering issues or any hulu not working issues on roku.

Reset Roku to Factory Settings

Note: This will erase all data and wipe out everything from your roku device and restore its setting back to original default settings.

Step 1: Press home button on your remote 

Step 2: Go to settings menu on roku

Step 3: Go down to System menu -> Go to Advanced system settings

Step 4: Now, go to factory reset -> Enter the 4 digit code which is shown on your screen to reset everything to original factory default settings and this will also remove user accounts as well.

Once you perform factory reset on roku then all issues will be resolved and hulu app not working on roku will be fixed successfully and once roku reset to default settings you need to set up roku again and install hulu on roku and start watching roku channels without any issues.

Reset Roku tv with Remote key Combination Method

Step 1: Grab your remote and press the home button five times and then and up button once, rewind twice and then fast forward twice.

Step 2: Now, your roku tv will run a few checks and the menu will go up and down, but dont worry and roku tv will hang for 30 seconds.

Step 3: Now, your roku tv will reboot and once roku tv reboots then your issues will be resolved.

That’s it, when you perform this reset process on roku tv and restart your roku tv then your hulu app which is not working will start working normally now and run hulu app on roku without any issues and issue will be resolved.

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