How to Fix Hulu App Not Working on Firestick

If you are experiencing issues with Hulu app on firestick or other fire tv devices, then there are simple and quick fixes that you can try to resolve and there are several different solution’s to fix this issue of Hulu app not working on firestick like clearing cache, clear Hulu app data and reset to factory default. So let’s see in detail how to fix Hulu app not working on firestick below.

Fix Hulu App Not Working on Firestick

 Fix Hulu App Not Working on Firestick

Force Restart and Clear Cache on firestick

Step 1: Grab your remote and click on home button and open settings menu.

Step 2: Now click on Applications.

Step 3: Now go down to manage installed applications.

Step 4: Now go down in a list of applications and find Hulu.

Step 5: Press OK on Hulu and press ok on Force stop.

Step 6: Now Press ok on Clear Cache.

Note: Clearing cache and force stopping Hulu app on firestick should solve your issue, if you still face issue, then repeat the step (force stop and clear cache) for one more or couple of times.

Step 7:  Now close all open settings and open Hulu app and check it’s working.

That’s it this is how fix hulu app not working on firestick by just force restart Hulu app and clearing cache.

Clear Data of Hulu App

Step 1: Go to settings menu

Step 2: Now navigate to Applications->Managed installed Applications->Select Hulu App.

Step 3: Now select ->Clear Data.

Once you clear data go ahead and launch Hulu app, now you will not be facing any issues like hulu app not working on firestick any more, and, if you still face issues try the below method to fix this issue.

Reset Firestick

If any of the above solution doesn’t work then this is the last step to fix Hulu app not working on firestick and it will remove all the applications on your firestick and will work exactly as it was before when you bought it(New firestick).

Step 1: Go to settings menu->My fire TV.

Step 2: Now go down to reset to factory default.

Step 3: Once you click on this, it will take only couple of minutes to process to reset fire stick and once it get reset to factory default, you will have brand new firestick.

Resetting firestick will fix all issues and install all versions of software’s available and you wont be facing issue Hulu app not working on firestick or any other application like Netflix or any other app issues.

Why Hulu app not working on firestick?

This can be due to cache issues of the applications and due to any other issues.

Does factory reset to default on fire stick helps to fix Hulu app on firestick?

Yes! Reset factory to default settings not only fixes issue with Hulu app but also fixes any other applications issues as well.

Vakula Devi
Vakula Devi
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