How to Cancel Hulu Subscription Desktop, iPhone or Android

If you are having hulu paid subscription or hulu free trial and want to cancel hulu subscription then you can cancel Hulu subscription anytime you want using a desktop, Android mobile or iPhone easily by going to hulu desktop version and login and pause or cancel hulu subscription and take a Hulu subscription anytime you want. So, let’s see in detail below.

You can cancel Hulu subscription only by going to the hulu website and login with hulu login credentials and pause or cancel hulu subscription and you can cancel using iphone or android by using safari or chrome browser and cancel hulu subscription or pause hulu subscription.

Cancel or Pause Hulu Subscription

If you want to cancel hulu subscription permanently, then you can cancel it and if you are looking to temporarily pause the subscription for a week, months, then you can pause hulu subscription for a time period easily.

Can you cancel hulu anytime on android or iPhone

Yes! You can cancel but you need to use chrome or safari browser and then go to hulu website and login and cancel hulu subscription using mobile (android or iPhone).

Cancel Hulu Subscription

Follow below steps to cancel hulu subscription anytime you want.

Using Desktop

Step 1: On your Desktop -> Go to and login with your hulu login credentials

Step 2: Now, Click on top right corner on your account name

Step 3: Select Account

Step 4: Under Manage your account setting -> Scroll down and you will find Cancel hulu subscription -> click on cancel to cancel hulu subscription.

Step 5: Click on Continue to Cancel option on bottom

Step 6: Submit your feedback and tell hulu why are you canceling hulu (its optional) if you wish and select continue to cancel

Step 7: Click on Cancel subscription and confirm.

That’s it, this is how you cancel a hulu subscription easily using hulu website.

Cancel Hulu Subscription Using iPhone or Android

Step 1: Open Safari browser on your mobile (iPhone or Android) or Chrome browser

Step 2: Go to Hulu website and tap on 3 lines menu and tap on login

Step 3: Login with your hulu email address and password and sign in to your hulu account

Step 4: Once you login to hulu -> Tap on Profile icon or avatar on top

Step 5: Scroll down until you see cancel your subscription option

Step 6: Tap on Cancel next to Cancel your subscription and Tap on Cancel Subscription on next screen and your Hulu subscription will be canceled successfully.

That’s it, this is how you cancel hulu subscription using mobile – iphone or android.

Can you cancel Hulu anytime?

Yes! You can cancel hulu anytime and also you can pause hulu subscription any time and the billing will be adjusted as per the time frame that previous and depending on the next billing cycle period time.

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