How to Install or Get Hulu on My Smart tv

Whenever if you unable to watch your favorite contents, no need to worry about it , for this hulu offer a strong library with your on-demand channels, as well as huge amount of movies and shows. Well, you can use this in your mobile device, computer and tv. For this you need to follow few steps, here in this post we are providing some simple steps.

Also, you can stream episodes like fox, ABC and NBC. But not only the above contents it also offering more than 50 channels and live tv services. It also offering 7 days free trail.

How to Get Hulu on My Smart tv

Follow below steps to get hulu app on smart tv and install it without any issue and other alternative ways to watch hulu on your smart tv

Some smart Tv’s automatically connect their system with Wi-Fi because of their operating system. Win this you can access and view online shows or movies from hulu. Here are few steps to get hulu on smart tv.

Step 1: Firstly, press home on your remote control in order to access the hub

Step 2: Then choose Apps

Step 3: Next, search for Hulu by using search option at top right corner

Step 4: With the help of on screen prompts install hulu app

Step 5: Now, launch Hulu app

Step 6: Now choose login in on your welcome screen and login on this device

Step 7: After that enter account details and choose login option

Step 8: Finally, Select your personal profile form the available list and start streaming.

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By Using Chrome Cast

Step 1: Now plug in chrome cast to your wall socket or power it to tv USB port

Step 2: And plug it to HDML port on our tv using on HDML cable

Step 3: Then connect our smartphone or tablet to your chrome cast in the google home app

Step 4: Now start watching hulu from smart phone or tablet 

Step 5: After that click the streaming button at the top right side of our device screen

Step 6: Next, choose HDML source from your tv

Step 7: Finally, enjoy your content

By Using Gaming Console 

Step 1: Firstly, download and install hulu app from console game or app store

Step 2: Next, open the app and sign in with your personnel hulu account details

Step 3: Then connect your console to tv via HDML cable

Step 4: Finally, start streaming your movies or shows

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