How to Factory Reset JVC Smart tv

  • To perform factory reset on JVC Smart tv -> press home button -> Settings -> Advanced System settings -> Factory reset and confirm factory reset everything.
  • Note: All data will be wiped out when you perform factory reset method on JVC smart tv and it is recommended to perform soft or power reset before performing factory reset. 

If your jvc smart tv is not working or JVC smart tv not connecting to wifi, black screen, no sound or any other issue then you can try using power reset and soft reset fix the issue as factory reset erases all data, and perform factory resetting jvc smart tv by following below steps and get back your jvc smart tv working by erasing all data and set it back to its original default settings by resetting. Let’s see them in detail below.

Factory Reset JVC Smart tv

Step 1: Grab your remote and go to settings.

Step 2: Using volume buttons -> highlight System and press ok.

Step 3: Now, go to advanced system settings.

Step 4: In advanced System settings -> select factory reset

Step 5: Now, press ok and perform factory reset everything.

That’s it, once you press ok on factory reset it will start performing factory reset method and it will wipe out all data, wifi passwords, apps, and all user data and restores it to its original settings as a brand new jvc smart tv.

Once you perform factory reset on jvc smart tv, you need to set up your jvc smart tv again and connect to wifi and enjoy content on your jvc smart tv.

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How to Solve Issues Without Factory Reset on JVC Smart tv?

 Without factory reset most of the issues will be resolved by performing soft reset or power reset method and get rid of issue on jvc smart tv. Sometimes these issues may not be fixed then you don’t have any option you need to perform factory reset and set it settings back to original default settings and fix jvc smart tv issues.

Which Data will Be Erased When You Perform Factory Reset

Performing factory reset on jvc smart tv will wipe out all data, everything, user data, installed apps, username and password of wifi, logins and everything and it will be like a brand new jvc smart tv just bought it from jvc smart tv show room and setup again from the beginning.

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