How to Fix Windows Store Get Button Not Working


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In windows 10 when you are trying to install an app from Microsoft store and when you click on get button does nothing happen and will not install app on your windows 10 computer and this can be fixed by wsreset (resetting windows store app) and with the help of windows troubleshooter, there are couple of easy methods to fix this issue and resolve, so lets see them in details below how to fix windows store get button not working.

Windows Store Get Button Not Working:

Run troubleshooter to fix windows store get button not working

Step 1: Select the start button and select gear icon (settings).

Step 2: Open settings->update and security.

Step 3: On the left side pane ->select troubleshoot.

Step 4: On the right side ->scroll down and select windows store app.

Step 5: Click on windows store app->click on run the trouble shooter.

Step 6: If there are any issues detected then windows trouble shooter will fix all the issue for you.

Step 7: Once your trouble shooter completes fixing issues, it will ask you to sign in to Microsoft account which gives you access to apps and games from the windows store.

Note: You can sign in or you can skip this by clicking on next.

Step 8: If service administration is missing or corrupt then it will be fixed automatically by windows 10 trouble shooter.

That’s it, this is how you fix windows store get button not working simply by running a basic trouble shooter of windows 10.

WSRESET to fix windows store get button not working:

Step 1: In windows search type in wsreset and click on run command(wsreset).

Step 2: New command prompt will be prompted.

Step 3: Once it finished it will launch the windows store app

Step 4: Now windows store app will be reset once Microsoft store apps gets loaded completely.

That’s it, this is how you reset windows store app to fix windows store get button not working issue.

How to fix windows store get button not working?

You can fix by running troubleshooter and wsreset to fix the issue of get button not working on Microsoft store.

How to reset windows store?

In windows search type wsreset and open run command will reset windows store.

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