How to Fix Music Player Keep Pausing Between the Songs

  • To fix Music Player Keeps Pausing between the songs -> update your iPhone to latest version and check your wifi is connected to the internet and no internet disconnecting issues.
  • Go ahead force restart your iPhone and then try playing music on your iPhone music player will fix any temporary software glitches.

When you are listening to music on your iPhone and suddenly the music player keeps stopping and suddenly pauses while playing music on its own then you can fix this issue of music player keep pausing between the songs issue on your own. So, let’s see in detail below.

Its a very frustrating situation when music keeps pausing or stops music all of suddenly or music keeps stopping or apple music stops playing music after every 15 seconds issue on iPhone iOS 15. 

How to fix Music Player Keeps Pausing Between the Songs

Below methods will help you fix issues with music player on your iPhone while playing music and song pausing while listening to music on iPhone.

Solution 1 : Update Your iPhone Into Latest iOS

I solved this issue by updating my iPhone with the latest update. That worked very well. So you can also try this one. To do that, 

  1. Launch Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Then tap on the General.
  3. Then select the Software Update.
  4.  Now check if any update is available.
  5. If yes, the tap on the Download and Install option.
  6. Wait for a few minutes. Once the update is done.
  7. Play any of the songs in your music player and check if the problem is occurring or not .

Solution 2 : Check If The Problem Is Wi-Fi Or Cellular Data

Some people experience this problem with Wi-Fi/ Cellular data and Bluetooth devices. But it plays well with the headphones. Let’s see how to check and avoid this problem further.

  1. First connect Wi-Fi on your iPhone.
  2. To do that, Launch Settings on your iPhone.
  3. Connect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi option. 
  4. And play the song and check if the problem is rising in Wi-Fi.
  5. If so, then avoid listening to music using the Wi-Fi.

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Solution 3: Connect your iPhone to cellular data for that, 

  1. Launch Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on Cellular or Mobile data option.
  3. And turn on your Cellular data.
  4. Then check if the problem has occurred while playing the song via mobile data.
  5. If yes, then stop using Cellular data to play music. 

Solution 4 : Try Alternative Media Player

You can also try Alternative Media Players like VLC media and Foobar2000 and more. Trying to alternative may fix this music player pausing between the songs.

Why Music Player Keeps Stopping on iPhone

If your iPhone iOS is not updated to the latest version you may experience this issue of music player keeps paying when playing music also check with your wifi issues and make sure you are not having any wifi disconnecting issue.

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