Why is My MacBook Charger Blinking Orange and Not Charging

You are running out of charging on your MacBook pro or air and when you plug in macbook charger your macbook is not charging and macbook charger is blinking orange light and mac is not charging then this means that your MacBook charge is receiving power and there is no power supply going through your macbook charger and when orange light blinks on macbook charger mac will not charge.

What Orange Light Blinking When Charging Means?

This means there is no power supply passing through the power outlet and from charging cable to macbook to charge.

MagSafe 3 charger flashing orange

Disconnect usb c to magsafe charger and clean dust from connectors and blow some air and then connect properly to macbook cable and then check.

What Causes MacBook Charger Blinking Orange

If a macbook charger blinks an orange light then there are a couple of reasons this can happen.

Damaged Charging Cable 

If your mac charging cable gets damaged or becomes faulty then this can lead to orange light blinking on mac and if charging cable damages then you need to contact apple support or get a new charging cable for your macbook.

Charger Not Plugged in Properly

Sometimes, when you are in hurry and charging cable is not properly plugged in to macbook charging slot then orange light blinks indicating macbook power cable is not properly plugged in and you need to remove and reinsert charging cable properly into mac charging slot.

Faulty Adaptor

If macbook charging adaptor gets damaged then this issue happens and you need to get a new charging adaptor and plug in charging cable usb c and charge your mac and get a new charing adaptor.

Hardware Issues

If your macbook charging is having hardware issue then you will see orange light when charging mac and you need to contact apple support and get a new macbook charger for mac / magsafe charger.

Fix Orange Light Blinking When Charging MacBook

There are couple of different methods you can try which can fix orange light blinking issue when charging mac and connecting power source to mac.

Remove and Reinsert Charging cable

If you see orange light blinking when charging your mac then you need to Unplug the charging cable from mac and then plugin charging cable properly without having a loose connection.

Restart Macbook and Charge Again

Sometimes, there may be a software or hardware issue and you need to force restart your macbook pro or air and then plug charging cable to your mac properly and charge mac. 

Change Connecting Cables

If charging cable connectors gets damaged or if dust inside charging cable connectors then you need to change charging cable connectors and plug charging cable to mac and check.

Clean Dust on Charging Cable Socket

If there is any dust inside charging cable port or connectors then you need to clean charging port and cable connector and blow some air and try charing your mac.

Try Reset SMC

You can also try resetting smc and charging your mac this can help if there are any hardware or software related issues and after resetting smc charge your mac and check.

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