How to Fix Samsung Charger Port Not Working s21, S22,

In a perfect world every time you plug your charger cable into your phone or your tablet it should instantly start charging but what do you do if when you plug it in it doesn’t start charging or charging port not working when plugged in or when you wiggle it around it starts buzzing and starts connecting and disconnecting.

Fix Samsung charger port not working after update issue

Well, in this article I’m going to show you simple little tips that might actually get your phone back up and running. Let’s see in detail below.

Samsung charger port not working after update

if Samsung’s s21, s22 or any other charger port is not working after update then there is an issue with software glitch or hardware glitch which is causing the issue and you can try rolling back your Samsung s21 or s22 to previous versions and clean charging ports with toothpick or blow some air or update Samsung galaxy s21 or s22 to newer version of operating system and check.

Damaged Charging Port

If your Samsung s21 or s22 charging port gets damaged then samsung galaxy mobile s21 or s22 or any Samsung mobile will not charge and you need to contact support and ask them to replace charging port of your Samsung galaxy mobile.

Using Toothpicks to Clean 

Step 1: This tip involves toothpicks we’re going to use toothpicks to clean out the Lightning port but this works for USB C ports or USB micro or mini or any other port that you may have and even your headphone jack.

Step 2: But for now let’s grab a toothpick and see if we can clean this out so that we don’t get these loose connections happening that we’ve got.

Step 3: So we’ll unplug the cable there we will grab just one toothpick we should only need one or two to get this done.

Step 4: And what we’re going to be doing here the reason that the connection doesn’t work a lot is that sometimes little bits of stuff of crud and other pieces of lint and things especially if you keep this in your pocket are going to get caught up in here so if we just start digging around in port what we’re going to find is that there’s going to be a little bits of dirt little bits of dust and other little foreign particles that are actually blocking up this port.

Step 5: So continue doing so you get a big chunk that’s going to be blocking the cables ability to connect. So if you look at that you think oh that’s only a tiny little bit but what we’re going to do is go through and continue this and  clean out this whole port and we’ll see how much of this gunk is in there and then we will test it out and see if we get a more secure connection with our lightning cable.

Step 6: So after about five minutes of digging around that you can see how dirty the ends of these toothpicks these are all big chunks of Pocket lint and other bits and pieces that were caught in there.

Step 7: And you can imagine that if you’re trying to plug in something like a lightning cable or a USB mini or micro or USBC cable and these are sitting on top or in your socket yeah it’s gonna stop the pins from actually connecting and it’s going to cause those problems like not connecting at all or where it connects and disconnects because every time it moves around a piece of crud is getting in the way.

Step 8: While doing this process with tooth pick make sure that we’re not doing any damage to the socket. So you do need to be super careful doing this don’t go and cram it in there or use anything metallic that could show down anything or could cause some serious damage.

With Compressed Air

Step 1: In the other thing that can work with this is compressed air so if you have a can of compressed air that can often blow it out some of these particles but once again be very careful with this because you do want to make sure that you’re not causing damage let’s now plug this back in and see how it’s working.

Step 2: Now that we’ve done this so we’ll move our dirty toothpicks out of the way there and then we will grab the cable plunk it back in and there we go we are ready to use this phone and now that’s a nice stable connection there it’s going in nice and tight it’s not going off and on so we can move the cable around it’s not gonna pop off and on.

Step 3: So if you’ve ever had that problem where you plug it in and then it keeps going because it keeps connecting and disconnecting these are the  methods that may help you out now it’s not gonna solve every single problem. 

Step 4: You may actually have some sort of other problems so please if this doesn’t work for you if you try this out and you choose to try it out at your own risk and it doesn’t work then consult some professional help. 

Why charger Port will Not work When plugged in to charge?

If dust particles are present in your charger it will not work, or if charger cable is corrupted or damaged your charger port will not work and you can try replacing the charger port to get charger port working.

Contact Samsung Support

If none of the above solution works then you need to contact samsung support center and ask them to repair samsung s21 or s22 mobile.

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