How to Fix Philips Smart tv HDMI Port Not Working

  • To fix Philips smart tv hdmi port not working -> Unplug power cable and plug back power cable after 30 seconds and check if the hdmi port is working or not.
  • Change power cable and change hdmi port and replace hdmi cable if its damaged.
  • Update your Philips tv to latest software version and reset all settings to fix hdmi port not working issue.

When you turn on your Philips smart tv and insert hdmi port on back of your philips smart tv and notice that nothing happens after inserting hdmi cable and hdmi ports are not working then there are couple of simple ways to fix this issue, So, let’s see in detail how to get rid of this issue.

Fix Philips Smart tv HDMI Port Not Working

Fix Philips Smart tv HDMI Port Not Working

Follow these troubleshooting methods and make your hdmi port working on Philips smart tv.

Power Reset

Step 1: Turn on your Philips Smart tv and directly unplug the power cable from the wall socket.

Step 2: Make sure you disconnect all power cables and wait for 30 seconds

Step 3: After 30 seconds go ahead and plug back power cable back to the wall socket.

Step 4: Now, turn on your Philips smart tv. 

That’s it, once you turn on your philips smart tv you will not be facing any issue of hdmi ports not working on philips smart tv.

Change HDMI Port

You need to change hdmi port and check as well, there can be a possibility that the hdmi port itself is not working.

Step 1: On the back of your philips smart tv locate hdmi port cable inserted to hdmi port.

Step 2: Once you locate the hdmi cable -> Change hdmi port now  and insert it to the other hdmi port cable side by side. I.e if it is located on hdmi 1 then you need to remove hdmi cable from hdmi 1 and insert or plug in hdmi cable to  hdmi port  2 or hdmi port 3.

Step 3: Once you change hdmi port then go ahead and turn on your philips smart tv.

Step 4: Using philips smart tv remote -> select hdmi port 2 source if hdmi cable is inserted to hdmi 2.

That’s it, if hdmi port itself is a culprit which is preventing display problem then you will not face any issue of philips smart tv hdmi port not working

Change HDMI Cable

Sometimes there may be a hdmi cable itself that is a culprit and faulty cables lead to this issue. So, go ahead and change the hdmi cable and check whether the issue persists or not. If you change the cable and your philips smart tv is working fine then you need to buy a new hdmi cable wire.

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Philips tv HDMI Port Location?

If you want to change hdmi ports then you can find hdmi port locations on the back of your philips smart tv and change hdmi ports from here. All hdmi ports like hdmi 1, hdmi 2, hdmi 3 will be located side by side (back of your philips smart tv).

Reset Philips Smart tv

Factory reset method will erase all data and restore to its default settings and if there is any settings got changed when connecting hdmi and source accidentally by resetting philips smart tv this issue will be fixed.

Step 1: Press home button on your philips smart tv remote

Step 2: Select General Settings

Step 3: Factory Reset -> Select yes and confirm factory reset and wait for your philips smart tv to reset

That’s it, once your factory reset all default and hdmi port not working issue will be resolved.

Update your Philips Smart tv to Latest Software Version

If there is any issue like software glitch on philips smart tv then it can be resolved by updating it to latest software version.

Step 1: press home button -> Setup

Step 2: Go to Software settings 

Step 3: Select current software info and check for any new version of software is available to install and update your philips smart tv,.

That’s it, once you update and follow all methods, your philips smart tv hdmi port not working will be working successfully.

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