How to fix sound delay on vizio smart tv

How to Fix Sound Delay on Vizio Smart tv

If you have any problem from your tv speaker, best option is sound bar which will improve your viewing experience. Most sound bars have efficient space and more features but sometimes it may face hook up problem, with this you may face the audio delay which unable to sync you’re movie picture on screen. So, here in this post we are mentioning methods to fix sound delay on vizio smart tv. While playing a video on you’re tv speaker can hold off on sending both audio and video till it finish. While coming to sound  bar, in thus you’re tv will decide video and sound bar will decide the audio. Sometimes sound bar don’t know when the tv will send the video this may lead to mismatch in video sync.

Fix Audio Delay on Vizio Smart tv

Follow below methods to fix audio delay on vizio smart tv

Adjust audio on Sound bar

Many Tvs are coming with an option of audio delay or lip sync, similarly vizio have same option, it will be find in tv settings of your television, but some televisions may not adjust from both sides, because it allow you from one direction: which leads to delay in the audio. Similarly vizio tv comes to the lines, it does not allow both sides at a time. With this you may face the issue. For this you need to go with the below methods.

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Turn off videos and audio processing 

For this you need to go with sound bar menu by equalizer settings

Step 1: Next go to presets like sports and videos 

Step 2: After that choose dialogue volume leveler and enhancers or virtual 3D option

Step 3: Now turn them off all and check whether you’re delay is eliminated or not

Change Audio Format in Your tv

If you want to overcome the problem you need to check whether you’re audio unpacking process itself or not, with this you’re sound bar  allow you to sync with the audio. For this you need to go with tv and audio settings 

Step 1: For that you have to select audio format to PCM rather than bit stream, Dolby or other.

Step 2: With this you can fix the problem of audio delay in you’re vizio smart tv