How to Fix Vizio Smart tv Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi


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  • Restart your router / modem by disconnecting power cables for 30 seconds and plug them after 30 seconds and connect vizio smart tv to wifi.
  • Power Reset and keep your modem close to vizio smart tv and clear cache of vizio smart tv as well.

Whenever you have any problem while connecting vizio tv with Wi-Fi. This problem may occur due to various reasons for the Wi-Fi issue with vizio smart tv. Mainly the problem occurred in many modes  of television which are connected to the internet. So, in this post we are providing a few fixes for this problem.

How to Fix Vizio Tv Keeps Disconnecting From WIFI

Below troubleshooting methods will help fix frequent disconnecting problems on vizio smart tv.

Guest Mode Issue

Firstly, ensure that your internet connection with guest mode, as it is an excellent feature in modern router. With this guest mode your network speed become slow. But you may face some issues if you connected with guest mode like streaming experience frequently disconnect and drop your connection.

Step 1: Firstly, go to vizio tv settings and go to Wi-Fi network their check for your network connection 

Step 2: If you find guest mode their, you may face the issue 

Step 3: For this you need to disable the guest mode.

Signal Interference on Vizio Smart tv

This type of issue occurred due to many devices are connected to same WiFi network. With this to you’re tv unable to connect to Wi-Fi network. In order to reduce this problem, you need to ensure that there are only device around your tv actively using internet. Else place the router closer to your tv which may reduce the signal interference. 

Router location

One of the main reason that affect vizio smart tv keeps disconnecting from WiFi. While some routers have short range and other have long range. If you keeps devices close to the router you may experience better streaming service by improving network performance. One of the best way to reduce the problem is place the router closer to your device. By doing this we can improve our signal strength with this you can enjoy uninterrupted services.

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If you want to overcome the above mentioned issue simply perform the reset operation for router

Step 1: For this you need to unplug the router from wall

Step 2: Now wait atleast for 1-2 minutes 

Step 3: After that insert it back to the socket

Step 4: Next, wait till the router come to online it may take atleast 1-2 hours

Step 5: If you still facing any problem then perform the vizio smart tv resetting

Step 6: For this press the menu button

Step 7: After that select system option and then go to reset and admin option

Step 8: Now select reset tv to factory default option

If you still having any issue with the Wi-Fi disconnecting from vizio smart tv then simply visit vizio support page. Their you will find few steps.

 Including power cycle your router you need to check for internet connection is fire or not also ensure you’re connected to proper network or not.

By following above methods you can successfully fix issue of your vizio smart tv keeps disconnecting issues.

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