Google Voice Search Not working

Solved Android Google Voice Search Not working “Hey Google”

In order to reduce the need of typing or to have fun with google voice search also to provide fast browsing facilities a software was developed by google which is google voice assistant which is inbuilt in Android Mobile phones. Google voice search was developed in 2011 with advanced speaking features for users without any issues. You can use this google voice search in every smart device for speaking “hey google” while making a google search. For many android devices google voice search will work efficiently but in some cases it fails to work and it shows as google voice search is not working for your device. But still it faces some issues while google search to override the google voice search not working problem with some remedies. It’s  common when your google voice search not working lot of users face these issues on android device.

Fix Google Voice Search Not Working

Method:1 Power Saving Mode is Disabled 

Every smart phone is provided with a power saving mode which is used to reduce the user resources and battery life by putting background apps into sleep mode. Whereas the power saving mode is varied from phone to another phone. To reduce the issue of google voice search not working we follow some simple steps to fix the issue.

Step:1 On your smartphone slide down the top of your screen.

Step:2 Their you can find power saving option icon

Step:3 Ensure your power saving mode is disabled or not

Note: if your problem is not resolved with the above method let follow some simple steps as mentioned below.

Step:1 open the main settings from your smartphone.

Step:2 After that click on device maintenance 

Step:3 Now navigate to battery and click on unmonitored apps.

Step:4 After opening tap on add apps then add google application and save changes after that once check the functionality of the google voice search. 

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Method:2 Language setting 

If the issue is not solved from the above method then go with this method by following some primary steps.

Step:1 Now open google application on your device.

Step:2 Then tap on more option at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step:3 After that click on setting and choose voice.

Step:4 Now select languages and select correct language.

Step:5 Click on save button to save the option. Then navigate to google assistants and the. Language.

Step:6 Now restart your phone and again try to access voice search.

Method:3 Google apps data resetting

From the above mentioned methods if you still are not able to solve the issue you can go with this method by following some basic steps.

Step:1 Open your phone main settings and click on apps.

Step:2 All the apps available in your phone are listed. Then search for google.

Step:3 Now tap on three dots at the top right corner of the screen and uninstall updates.

Step:4 Continue the process till you get the confirmation popup.

Step:5 After completing the process restart your phone and try use of google voice search. Google

From the above three methods the issue of google voice is not working is resolved