Check Instagram Account Login Devices

If you have logged into too many devices on instagram on your devices or desktop, mac or any other mobile devices then you can check logged in devices that you have and logout of all devices at one that you have previously logged in or currently logged in. So, let’s see in detail below.

You can check logged in devices that you are currently logged in of your Instagram account and log out of devices that you are no longer using and logout of any suspicious devices that your Instagram is logged in and also logout of all devices on Instagram as well.

Check Instagram Account Login Devices

Follow below steps to see logged in devices on your Instagram account and  you can log out of suspicious login devices at once.

Step 1: Open instagram and click on profile photo bottom menu.

Step 2: Click on 3 lines menu on top and Click on Settings

Step 3: Click on Security

Step 4: Click on Login Activity and you will see all logged in devices of your instagram account.

That’s it, this is how you check logged in activity of your Instagram account.

Check Instagram account login devices on iPhone iOS

Open Instagram on iPhone and Go to settings -> Tap on See More -> Password and security -> Login activity and see where you have logged in on your Instagram account on iPhone iOS.

How can I see all devices I log into on Instagram?

Go to Settings on instagram and select security and then select login activity and you will see devices that you have logged in to.

How Do I Remove My Instagram From Other Devices?

To remove Instagram from other devices -> You need to login to your Instagram account and then go to security settings -> Tap on Login activity and then select the device that you want to logout and click on 3 lines next to it and logout of other devices.

Why does Instagram say I’m logged in somewhere else?

If your Instagram says you are logged in somewhere else, then this could be due to the ip address, device location, or your Instagram account is hacked and Instagram detected suspicious login.

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