Check Instagram Account Username History and Information

How to Check Instagram Account Username History and Information

  • Open your Instagram Account -> Click on Ellipses -> Select About This Account -> Navigate Account Information Section -> Click on Former Usernames 

If you are using an instagram account and wondering what is your user id if you have forgot yours then you can easily check on your instagram account by going to your profile account and account information section and you can check your previous name and account information details like when you have joined instagram and other information on your instagram account.

Instagram makes it easy for an instagram account owner to change the name of their account to virtually anything and see your former usernames on instagram

However, while those name changes are mostly harmless and for rebranding purposes, an instagram account owner can occasionally change the account the account name with the goal of defrauding or scamming people, whether there is an account that you are suspicious of, or you are just curious about the history of an account, instagram makes it easy to see the username history of accounts.

Check Instagram Account Username History Information

Follow Below steps to See and check Instagram account Username History information on your instagram account.

Step 1: Launch the “Instagram App” on your iphone, ipad or android device, and then navigate to the page you want to see the instagram username history.

Step 2: Click on “Ellipses” at the right side top of the screen, then a popup menu screen is displayed on the screen.

Step 3: Click on “About This Account” in the menu, then the about this account screen is displayed.

Step 4: Navigate down to the Account Information Section, and then click on “Former Usernames.” option.then the former usernames screen is displayed, then you will see the list of all former usernames associated with instagram account.

That’s it. This is how you check your instagram account user name and history of names you changed on instagram account.

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How to hide former usernames on instagram?

No, You cant hide your account former usernames on instagram and if you want to delta then you need to delete your entire account, you can only change the username url of your profile and former username must exist in your instagram account username history.