How to Turn OFF 5G on iPhone 13 or iPhone 12

  • Open Settings Menu -> Click on Cellular option -> Select Cellular Data options -> Click on Voice & Data -> Check Mark on LTE

Nowadays 5G network mobile is available on many mobile phones apart from iPhone and iPhone also introduced and added 5G support to iPhone models which are released after 2019 and before models like iPhone 11 or iPhone xr and older versions of iPhone will not support 5G support and for supported 5G models you can easily turn off 5G on iPhone 12 or iPhone 13

And iPhone 5G wireless connectivity promises superfast speeds, low latency, better reliability, and more features added to iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 models with 5g support. 

However, 5G network coverage is still incredibly thin outside of major metropolitan areas, and as a result prioritizing 5G connectivity over an available LTE network may actually result in worse experience. 

Apple makes it easy to turn off using a 5G network on your iphone and turn on 5G on iPhone 13 or 12.

Turn on 5G OFF iPhone 13 or iPhone 12

Below are the Steps to Turn off 5G on iphone

Step 1: Open “Settings” app on your iphone, then the settings screen is displayed

Step 2: Click on the “Cellular option”, then the cellular screen is displayed

Step 3: Click on “Cellular Data options,” then you will land on the cellular data option screen 

Step 4: Click on “Voice & Data” , then the voice and data screen is displayed.if you are using 5G on your iphone you will see a check mark next to either 5G On or 5G Auto.

Step 5: You can ensure 5G is turned off on your iphone by tapping to place a check mark next to LTE. then the 5G will be disabled.

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How to Check or Know 5G is Activated or Turned on or Not on iPhone

On your status bar if you are seeing 5g icon on top right like 5G or 5G+, 5G U/V OR 5G UC which means different status of 5G network available or 5G, high frequency version of 5G network, 5g cannot connect to Internet iPhone or not available to all countries.

Which iPhone Supports iPhone 5G Models

Only iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 supports iphone 5g Model if you are having iphone 11 or iPhone xr or any other iphone older model released before 2019 those iphone will not include iPhone 5g support on iPhone

What are the available 5G options on the iPhone?

When you turn on 5G on an iPhone then there are a couple of different options provided by iPhone users which support 5G models and you can select 5G Auto or LTE, Voice and Data, or Data mode, data roaming.

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