How to Pin and Unpin Text Messages on iPhone or iPad

  • Open messages app -> select one of the conversations -> pin to the top of the list -> swipe right to left that conversation -> click on the yellow pin icon.
  • If you want to pin you can simply drag right and tap on pin to pin conversation messages and follow up the messages by pinning text messages on your iPhone or iPad 
  • To Unpin text Message -> Press and hold pinned text message and tap on unpin to remove pin text message.

On your iPhone if you want to pin a text message then make sure that your iPhone is updated to the latest iOS version and you are running minimum iOS 14 and newer versions. With the release of iOS 14 or iOS 15 for the iPhone and iPad OS 14 for iPad in late 2020, Apple is making it possible for device owners to pin up to nine conversations to the top of the messages app.

Pinning conversation on your iPhone or iPad will make it easier to access your most important messages threads.

How to Pin and Unpin Text Messages on iPhone or iPad

Follow below methods to pin text message or unpin text message on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: Open the messages app on your iphone or ipad home screen

Step 2: After that you need to find one of the conversations you want to pin to the top of the list.

Step 3: Swipe from left to right across that conversation then you will see a yellow pin icon.

Step 4: Tap on the “pin” icon and now you will see the conversation pinned to the top of your list where you will be able to more easily tap to open it.

That’s it, this is how pin a conversation on your iphone or ipad

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How to Unpin text Messages on iPhone or iPad

To unpin any of your pinned conversations, all you need to do is just long press on any of the pinned conversations and it will bring you a pop up screen menu and then by tapping on “unpin” in the menu the conversation which you have pin earlier will no longer be pinned or it wll show on top of your message and this is how you unpin text message on your iPhone.

What is the Purpose of Pinning a Text Message?

iPhone brings you lot of new features with new iOS release every year which makes it easier for iPhone users and the main purpose of pin and unpin text message on iPhone or iPad is to make it easier to read or view messages which are pinned and read or reach pin text messages easily on your iPhone instead of searching text conversation messages which matters the most to you.

Or you can simply touch and hold the conversation messages you want to pin and you will see a pop up and then you need to tap on pin to pin text messages on iPhone or iPad.

How to Know if your text Message is Pinned or Not on iPhone or iPad

Once you pin the conversation of text messages you will see the sender on top of your message bubble list. If you are not seeing any sender on top of your messages then you haven’t pinned any message on your iPhone.

How to Move Pinned Text Message or Change Order of Pinned text Conversation on iPhone or iPad

If you have pinned 5 to 6 text message conversation on iPhone or iPad then you may need to change the pinned conversation sender order and to do that follow below.

Step 1: Open messages on your iPhone

Step 2: Now, Press and hold on the pinned text message and simple drag and drop to the order which you want to change and leave it.

That’s it, this is how you change order of pinned text message conversation on your iPhone or iPad.

How many conversations can you pin in messages?

You can pin up to 9 conversations on your iPhone or ipad on iOS 14 or later/

Pinned text messages iPhone disappeared?

If you notice that your pin text message on your iPhone gets disappeared or it randomly shows pinned messages or can’t pin text messages on your iPhone then you need to update your iPhone to the latest iOS 15 version. If you are having older or outdated iOS version then you might face technical or temporary bug issues. So. it’s recommended to update your iOS to latest version of iOS 15 or newer versions to fix cant see pinned text messages or any other pinned text message issues on iPhone or iPad.

How to find pinned messages on iPhone

To find pinned text messages on iPhone -> Open messages app and at the top you can see bubble text conversation which means that the text message is pinned.

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