How to Check Storage on iPad

Storage space is very important when it come to iPhone or mobile or iPad or any device that you use in daily life and If you are having low internal storage space on your iPad then your iPad will not respond properly and won’t install any new apps from app store or download apps from app store on iPad and your iPad gets freezes all time and becomes laggy. 

How to fix Check Storage on iPad

To overcome this issue, you need to check storage of your ipad regularly and delete unwanted files and apps from your iPad and stop using apps that’s taking too much internal storage space on ipad to avoid any further issue with your iPad.

Check Storage on iPad

You can check your ipad storage by going to settings and see how much free storage space is available and how much space is occupied on your iPad.

Step 1: Open settings on ipad

Step 2: Scroll down on right side -> Select General

Step 3: On the right side Select iPad Storage and tap on it to view ipad storage.

Step 4: Wait for a moment for your ipad to calculate the storage space on your ipad and it will display ipad storage space.

That’s it, this is how you check storage space on ipad and how much storage space is left on your iPad and how much space is available by apps, videos, photos etc and if ipad storage is full then you need to delete unwanted apps, data, files, videos, etc.

What happens when iPad storage is full

When your iPad storage is full then your ipad will not respond properly and ipad become very slow and becomes unresponsive, laggy, touch responds slow, apps won’t install or installed apps wont open and you can’t perform easy tasks like using apps and it become very steak using iPad after storage is full.

How to Free up Space on iPad if Storage is Full

If your iPad storage becomes full, then you need to uninstall apps which are not useful or taking too much space on your ipad and delete unwanted videos, audio, photos etc and you can simply perform factory reset which will erase all your data on ipad and comes like a new ipad after erasing data on ipad (which is not necessary) and you can manually review and delete unwanted apps and videos etc and free up internal storage space on ipad.

How to Avoid Storage Space Running out on iPad

You need to regularly check for iPad storage space and avoid installing heavy apps or games app or avoid keeping lengthy storage videos on your iPad and delete unwanted data and review weekly or monthly twice and free up storage space on iPad.

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