How to Check iPad Battery Health and Analytics Usage of iPad

On your iPad if you are ipad is not charging or ipad battery is draining fast after charging 100 percent then you need to check for ipad battery usage/activity and optimize ipad battery and close running apps in background and check for battery health on iPad and make your ipad battery drain issue and replace battery if your ipad battery health is damaged if your ipad is very old.

Enable Share Analytics Data on iPad

You need to enable analytics data and share analytics data on iPad by going to settings on iPad -> Privacy and Security -> Enable Share iPad Analytics by toggling the button next to it. 

You can view and check iPad battery health using shortcuts apps and by using third party apps from apple app store and install it on your ipad and check ipad battery health usage as well.

Why does my iPad battery run down so fast?

It can be due to background app refresh (heavy apps running in background) and also due to the ipad screen brightness if you set too brightness.

What is a Normal Battery Health for an iPad?

A Good battery health of iPad is at least 80 % of total after 1000 life cycles of charge or discharge. 

Get Shortcut of Battery Health

You can get a battery health shortcut from the Apple App store on iPadOS 10, 9 or any iPadOS and get the iPad Shortcut from the app store.

Check iPad Battery Health or Battery Usage

Step 1: Open settings on iPad

Step 2: Tap on Privacy and Settings.

Step 3: Click on Analytics Data and you will see a list of Analytics and improvement files.

Step 4: Click on Share icon and you will see an option battery health.

Step 5: Tap on Battery health option and it will show your iPad battery health in a pop up box like 90, 80, 70 etc.

That’s it, this is how you check battery percentage on your iPad and check performance of your iPad.

How Long Do iPad Batteries Last?

iPad batteries last depending on the usage of your iPad and typically it last for 4 years and longer as well if iPad is maintained p

Can the iPad battery be replaced?

Yes! It can be replaced if you are having apple plus care coverage then it can be replaced without no cost if it covers in apple + coverage and if you are not having apple + converge then replacing ipad battery can be charged around 100 dollars to 150 dollars depending on your mobile and price can vary.

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