How to Connect USB Device to Hisense Smart TV


  • Grab the connecting end of the usb device and locate the hdmi port or usb slot on the back of your Hisense smart tv and insert usb device properly.
connect usb to hisense tv

If you are having hisense smart tv and want to connect your usb drive to Hisense smart tv then you can easily connect usb device to Hisense tv or external hard drive or flash drive or any other multimedia or headphones usb devices to hisense tv and even you can fix insufficient storage on hisense by connecting external hard drive. So, let’s see in detail below.

connect usb to back of hisense smart tv

Connect USB device to Hisense Smart tv

Follow below method to connect usb device to hisense smart tv and all other external drive, multimedia, usb sticks or digital camera and so on.

Step 1: Grab your usb device or external hard drive or any other usb stick of one end and you need to insert it on the back of your hisense smart tv hdmi port.

Step 2: Locate hdmi port on back of your hisense smart tv

Step 3: Insert on to hdmi port or tv ports where it says usb -> Just make sure that your usb stick or flash drive or external hard disk is inserted properly without any loose connections.

Step 4: Once you insert your usb device to Hisense smart tv , it will automatically load content available on usb flash drive (usb device or external hard drive) and will scan and display content on your usb drive.

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That;s it, this is how you connect a usb device to hisense smart tv and once you connect usb stick or external hard drive content will be automatically gets scan and will be displayed on your hisense smart tv screen and you need to follow on screen instruction to access photos, videos or anything else depending on content present on your usb device.

USB Device not Detecting on Hisense Smart tv

If you have connected your usb device to hisense smart tv and it is not working then you need to make sure to change the usb device port you are connecting to and insert it to another usb port device slot on the back of your hisense smart tv.

Also make sure that you are connecting usb 2.0 or higher end usb devices. You can connect any usb device, digital camera usb drive or external hard drive and view photos and video.

Video on USB are not Detecting on Hisense smart tv

If you have inserted a usb device in which you are trying to view videos and hisense smart tv is not able to open videos then make sure you need to install supported mp4 file format video player like vlc or any other media playback app on hisense smart tv.

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