How to Update Drivers on Windows 11 Using Booster

  • To install drivers on windows 11 you need to have it installed manually or you need to use a third party software like drive easy, booster, or any other software’s which helps you install drivers with one click.

The pain of installing a new operating system is drivers. Well those always gets in the way whenever  you install a new operating system for example windows 11. It’s so painful that it looks like you need to avoid the installation completely the hardest part is to find them all and the chances are you have lots of devices so it gets harder but not anymore because, I got a really interesting tool for you which solves all of these problems. You can install all the drivers in simply one click using the software called driver

Update drivers on windows 11 using Booster software

Step 1:  Simply install driver booster software you can do the custom install but there is no necessity to do that. 

Step 2: Moving forward well clicking on install you can see there are the two services you don’t need. Click on next. 

The best thing about this driver booster is they have large database of all the drivers so you don’t have to look for a particular driver it simply finds the model number of your device and automatically installs all of them. so yeah it’s a really good one click solution. So your installation is complete. 

Step 3: Now click on the scan button to scan all the outdated drivers. So here  you can  see it scan for all the drivers and it shows you the current version of the driver and the latest version available right now. 

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Now that you can see your drivers are updated and you can also see list of those as well. so here as I already said you can simply one click and it will install all the drivers you don’t need to do this manually so here we go now there is a big update now button on to the top. So you can see this one on to the top and go click over there and  click on don’t ask this again.

 And you can see it is automatically downloading all the updated softwares and it will install automatically as well. So it retakes all the hassles from you and it does all the stuff. So there is option for automatic reboot after the update is done, so you can also do that. The software creates automatic restore points so if a latest driver is not working you can always revert back to the old one now you can relax sit back and enjoy. 

you can see all the drivers are now up to date it has automatically updated all the drivers.

Lakshmi Durga
Lakshmi Durga
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