Enable ActiveX On Google Chrome

How to Enable ActiveX On Google Chrome (Windows 10)

What is ActiveX on Google Chrome:

ActiveX protocols are used to access different websites and access to games and other useful web applications.

Enable ActiveX on Google Chrome:

Step 1: Open Chrome

Step 2: Click on 3 dots and click on settings option.

Step 3: In chrome settings -> Search for Open proxy settings.

Step 4: Click on Security

Step 5: Now, Click on Custom level.

Step 6: Find “Download signed ActiveX Controls and Download unsigned ActiveX Control”.

That’s it, this is how you enable ActiveX on google chrome.

Other methods to enable ActiveX on Google Chrome

Step 1: Open up the start menu and type in internet properties or internet options in windows search bar.

Step 2: Open internet options and select the Security Tab.

Step 3: Now, select Custom level.  Now you want to locate where it says download side ActiveX Controls as well as download Unsigned ActiveX Control.

Step 4: So just scroll down and allow ActiveX Filtering Enable.

Step 5: Allow previously unused Effects Controls for one without prompt you can keep the Disabled Automatic Prompting for Activist Controls.

That’s fine you can keep that disables. But versus download signed ActiveX Controls just keep it a prompt which should be recommended here and then it says download Unsigned academics Controls keep that to disabled if there’s an issue you can try enabling that or Prompting it probably better than just going ahead and just Straight up Enabling it but you have that option there. So pretty straightforward once you’re done with that go ahead and select okay again and then just restart your computer and that be about it.

Do I Need to install ActiveX from 3rd party websites?

No! ActiveX on google chrome spreads with virus from 3rd party websites like pop ups and asking chrome users to allow to install ActiveX and will inject virus on your chrome browser. It is strongly recommended not to install ActiveX from 3rd party untrusted websites.