How to fix Office 365 no internet connection Error

How to fix Office 365 no internet connection Error

In order to fix office 365 no internet connection you need to execute these 2 commands and reset winscok. (ipconfig /flushdns and winsock reset). Lets see in detail how to resolve if your Office application is experiencing no internet connection Error When you’re attempting to open up office and you are having facing 365 no internet connection error.

Fix office 365 no Internet connection

Firstly we recommend doing would be to Open up a web browser see if you have internet connection obviously if you are not getting internet connection through you browser it’s not going to be working through office either. So it’s definitely a consideration. First we should try to resolve that would be.

Open up the start menu and then typing in CMD. Best results should come back with command prompt. We’re going to go ahead and right click on that and select run as administrator. If you are prompted with user Account Control Screen. You’re going to go ahead and select yes. Now in this Elevated command line Window you’re going to type in Ipconfig followed by a space like this and then forward Slash Flush DNS all one word like this in command promot -> ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter.

So again ipconfig space forward Slash Flush DNS hit enter on your keyboard to run that should should come back we’ve successfully Flushed at DNS resolve Cache.


Next  Command we’re going to type in is any space Winsock w-i-n-s-o-c-k space Reset again exactly how it appears on screen hit Enter on your keyboard (winsock reset). Now you should go ahead and restart your computer at this point.

Another thing you can try here would be to go ahead and open up the start. Type in control panel best results you’re going back to the control panel go ahead and left click on that. So your view by up here to large icons and then select programs and features. Select where it says Microsoft Office it doesn’t matter what version. But we’re just going to go select the one that we have here and we are going to select the change button. If you receive a user Account control prompt select yes. It’s going to ask how would you like to repair your office programs select Quick repair and then select repair, select repair again. Okay so there you go it says it’s done. So recommended closing out here. Restart your computer and than hopefully that should been able to resolve your problem.