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FIX Windows 10 Missing Graphics Display Driver

On your windows 10 if your display graphic drivers are missing then you can get them back easily by reinstalling them and by updating graphic drivers on windows 10 by adding a new graphic display drivers, roll back drivers, update graphic drivers, so let’s see them in detail how to fix missing graphic display drivers in detail.

How to Fix windows 10 missing graphics display driver

how to fix Windows 10 Missing Graphics Display Driver

Step 1: Click on start menu and in windows search type in device manager and click on it

Step 2: Open device manager -> Click on actions on top menu->click on Add legacy hardware and click on next.

Step 3: In Add hardware windows on your screen -> Select radio button of install the hardware that I manually select from a list (advanced) option and click next.

Step 4: Now, all common types of hardware will be displayed -> select display adapters and click next.

Step 5: Select and highlight Microsoft from left side option and model on the right side option Microsoft Remote Display Adaptors and click on Next.

Step 6: Wait for the hardware to install on your windows 10 computer and once installed click on finish.

Step 7: Now, under display drivers Microsoft remote display adapter will be displayed after you add new hardware.

Step 8: Now, right click on Microsoft remote display adapter and click on update drivers to update driver.

Step 9: Select browse my computer for drivers -> select let me pick option ->Select display Microsoft  display adapter and click on next.

Step 10: Wait for the display adapter to install update successfully.

That’s it, once you restart your driver your windows 10 missing graphic display driver will be fixed.

Roll back and get missing graphics display drivers

Step 1: Open device manger

Step 2: Expand display driver and double click on it to open more options.

Step 3: Click on general tab.

Step 4: Click on Roll back drivers.

Once your graphic display drivers have been roll backed to the previous version successfully, go ahead and restart your computer and your missing graphic display drivers will be back.

Why graphic display drivers are missing?

If you have updated your windows 10 computer or if your graphic display drivers are outdated then you need to update drivers or rollback to the previous version if you have updated windows 10 operating system to get display drivers working again.

How to fix missing display graphic drivers?

Roll back to previous drivers, update graphic display driver or add a new hardware and add Microsoft graphic display drivers again and update it to get back missing display graphic drivers on your windows 10 computer.

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